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The good, the bad, and the ugly of the past week – 20 January 2017

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Hey, I was away in Paris all week, so I have no idea what went down here on Critical Hit. Please excuse me while I throw darts at this piece of paper to bring you a totally legit list of what you may have missed this week if you were AFK too.

Best Stories

I don’t know about you, but hearing that Valve isn’t done with single-player games (according to Gabe Newell) made me very happy. I don’t even care if we don’t get sequels to beloved franchises like Portal, Left 4 Dead, and of course, the mythical Half-Life. I believe Valve are more than capable of treading new territory, you know, when they’re done selling hats and rolling in their piles of cash.

The fact that the epic television show Game of Thrones is coming to an end in the near future has me all shades of sad. Thankfully, there could be a lot more of that goodness on the horizon. Whether it’s extra episodes in this saga, or a whole spinoff exploring somewhere else in Westeros, you can count me super happy.

Fancy a trip to Paris, but can’t afford the plane ticket, or accommodation, or a single cup of coffee at one of the countless cafes that litter the street? Don’t worry, you can read my antics from one day I spent in the city, where I walked, walked, saw things, walked some more, nearly got pickpocketed, and walked some more.

Lastly, if you find your comic collection is dwindling, or you actually want to get one going, then this Humble Bundle is for you for sure. It’s got tons of material on offer that won’t break the bank.

Wait sorry, I have one more great story. Remember the Awesome Games Done Quick marathon that ran throughout last week? It raised over $2 million for cancer. Amazing!

Worst Stories

You know what I really hate? Animals abuse, and this footage of a German Shepard being forced into rough waters on the set of an upcoming film called “A Dog’s Purpose” really got my blood boiling. Yeah, say what you want, but it’s pretty clear that poor pup was hating life at that moment.

I hate remembering passwords, which is why I always default to the usual 123456. Hey, other people do that too. Neat, we’re all super secure! Also, that’s incredibly silly. Don’t be that person – make up a secure password, and remember it.

Come on Nintendo, do you want the Switch to be a success or not? There are loads of bits of news coming out that make the upcoming console less appealing, the latest of which is that it won’t launch with Netflix, Twitch, and video support. How is this still a problem in 2017? Poor Alessandro won’t stop crying.

Random Stories

This week’s Hit or Miss: does pineapple really belong on pizza? In my opinion, yes, yes it does, and if you disagree, then you’re wrong. That’s how the Internet works, remember?

Want to stay ahead in Hitman? Here are five tips and tricks that will make you the very best, like no one ever was. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can check out this list instead. It gives you 10 reasons as to why Doctor Doom is awesome

Editorials, Previews, and Reviews this Week

Representation in media: Why it matters
Where are the seat belts in games?
Cursed Castilla EX review (PS4) – Unforgiving retro goodness
Approaching the Unknown review (DVD)
Split review – Plot twist! M. Night Shyamalan is back to making great movies again!
Allied review – An odd, bait-and-switch romantic thriller
Genius Review (DVD) – A watchable film that lacks the inspiration of its characters

Header of the Week


The best header award goes to none other than SA Gamer’s David Kozlowski for his excellent “Hitman will soon get the HDR treatment and 4K support” image. Hang on, that looks awfully familiar, doesn’t it? Dave, you sly vaping sonofa!

Most Comments

You might remember that back at Lazygamer, comments on a FFD article were usually excluded from this award. Well, the same goes for our new Friday feature, Hit or Miss. This week, I just can’t resist mentioning it though. Our topic of pineapple on pizza has 263 comments, and it’s still going up! Damn, people really like talking about what should and shouldn’t go on a pizza.

Comment of the Week

Holy hell, this image from the plethora of memes MonsterCheddar left on the Game of Thrones article made me laugh:


Well played!

Bonus Premium Content

We have tons of great videos to share with  you this week. Let’s start with one from Darryn, because it’s basically tradition:

Next up, we have some classic bork from Geoff, who just won’t spamming the damn things in the office chat:

Kervyn is all aboard the bonus premium content wagon, so of course he’s given us something this week too. His videos tend to be way more classier than ours though, but that’s not a bad thing, is it?

Lastly we have my video, which has both Overwatch and cats. INSTANT SHARE!


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