The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week (24 February 2017)

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Maybe the moon is doing something strange, or the change of weather, or maybe my child is possessed. Either way, I am running on minimal sleep, which seems to be the new norm here at Critical Hit. But fear not, even if you, too, are sleep deprived, we have all the news you might have missed this week to draw you out of your stupor.

Best Stories

Space is huge and exciting, and apparently there are even more Earth-like planets near us. Could we discover other life in the universe? Who knows, but this certainly helps get us talking about the idea again. And when we make contact and they ask us what humans are like, we will share what’s normal here on Earth. Which includes LGBTQ humans, who are represented in Overwatch because they exist in real life so why not in that universe? Cool stuff.

Got Xbox Live Gold? Your free games this month include Evolve. Before you rag on it, just remember that it’s a AAA title that really is quite fun under ideal circumstances – maybe now that it’s free people can finally get a decent squad together.

I never get those 30 second unskippable YouTube ads, and soon you won’t either – YouTube is canning them in 2018. Hooray!

Worst Stories

Futurama is back! … As a mobile game. Can we all agree that we hate Darryn for getting our hopes up like that? Not cool man, not cool.

In other bad news, Steam games could be getting more expensive as the platform finally complies with South African tax laws. Don’t hate on Steam, send your formal complaints to the relevant government body… haha, just kidding.

I really enjoyed Hellboy. No, it wasn’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but the movies were a lot of fun. There was meant to be a trilogy, but hope of the third movie ever getting made is now gone.

Random Stories

You know who I think of when I think of Batman? Elmer Fudd. No, actually, I never do. I never imagine that wascally Batman. But someone did and now we all will thanks to an Elmer Fudd Batman crossover.

Always wanted to draw cats but never had the technical abilities? Well, now you can create the ultimate nightmare fuel. Seriously, WTF is this?!

Features and Reviews

For Honor review – Intense melee combat, unbearable matchmaking
Nioh Review – Immensely satisfying samurai action
Astro A50 Wireless (Gen 3) review – Premium sound, premium price
Ten locations that we’d love to see in Hitman season 2
Yes, American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson is worth watching if you followed the original trial
The 9th Life of Louis Drax review (DVD) – Calling fans of The Sixth Sense
Japanese games: A welcome return to glory

Header of the Week

Murder she drank

This kept cracking me up. Maybe it’s because Jessica Fletcher is actually the angel of death, or maybe it’s just her face. Either way, well played Darryn, well played.

Most Comments

Hmmm, no editorial to automatically get most comments this week. Never fear, I wrote about VAT getting applied to Steam Games and that got you all talking.

Best Comment

Oh Daniel, you had fun making nightmare fuel cats. You gave us a lovely sampling, but I think this was my favorite.

Bonus extra content

Oh Geoff, why do you do this to me?

And then there’s the randomness that Darryn reveals:

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