The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week (3 March 2017)

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Baby turtle

I think I am actually ready to play Horizon Zero Dawn. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get it until I finished the game I was busy with, and it seems I’m finally almost there. Yes, it’s almost time to leave 2015 behind as I’m almost done with The Witcher 3. Just the base game, not even the DLC. Stop judging me, I was busy making a person when it came out! Anyway, at least with that done, I can jump into the massive world of Horizon Zero Dawn without any backlog guilt… just don’t check my Steam backlog.

Best Stories

Good news, we’ve got a Ghost Recon Wildlands hamper to give away! You should enter over here. Speaking of competitions, we are running another cosplay competition at Sexpo this month! Be sure to enter and win money, or come through and support the amazing community.

Communities really are important, and the eSports community just keeps growing. Mettlestate set a new, very high bar – we are keen to see how things go for them.

Guys, GUYS! I am so super excited. There’s shadow of more doors coming, in the form of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Time for a new nemesis, and I can’t wait!

Speaking of awesome gaming experiences, apparently the latest Zelda is the greatest. Not just the best Zelda game, but apparently the best game we’ve seen this generation, if not ever. Wow.

Worst Stories

The Oscars were a great story, I mean a bad story. Sorry for the mixup. Here’s an explanation of what actually happened at the Oscars, in case you’re still confused. In all the Oscar chaos, you might have already forgotten the sad news – Bill Paxton died at only 61. Sad stuff. Let’s just hope no one confuses him and Bill Pullman anymore, right?

Random Stories

Do you try to eat your games? No? Me neither, but my kid does. And Nintendo knows this, which is why they’ve made the Switch cartridges taste gross. You know what also leaves a bad taste in my mouth? Mel Gibson. Which is why I feel funny about him being in talks to direct Suicide Squad 2.

Features and Reviews

Fibre rollout: How does this impact the local gaming scene
Torment: Tides of Numenera review – a unique narrative journey
Ghost Blade HD Review – Old school action meets new school visuals
Horizon Zero Dawn review – A reinvigorating journey through an utterly engrossing worldHidden Figures review – A feel-good winner…with Maths
Logan review – The bloody good Wolverine movie we’ve all been waiting for
Boo! A Madea Halloween Review (DVD) – Not even some scares can save this Madea movie

Header of the Week

Twitter lalalalalala

Crimes against pixels? Probably, but I don’t care. I’m stealing this award just to make myself feel better about myself. Welcome to my dictatorship.

Most Comments

Were you all too busy this week? People didn’t have that much to debate this week, but at least there was a bit of chatter about Star Citizen.

Best Comment

This one goes to Alien Emperor Trevor with his well timed gif on the Zelda review roundup article. Nicely done!

Bonus Content

Velcro opening might be a danger on the battlefield, so here’s a solution.

Also, if you want to feel even less cool, watch this.

And finally, thanks Darryn…

Last Updated: March 3, 2017

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