Hit or Miss: Are dogs the best pets?

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Who let the dogs out

I grew up with the most beautiful bullmastiff. She was a ridiculously huge dog, but we always treated her like a little puppy. She was never aggressive, but was definitely a protector – I was allowed to walk around New York from a younger age than would have happened otherwise, as long as I always brought the dog with me. Damn I loved that dog… I still miss her.

Now, I have two gorgeous cats as my pets. They act a lot like dogs in that they come to the door to greet me when I come home. I adore them, but it’s a very different kind of relationship. They decide when it’s time for cuddles and love, jumping into my lap or onto the bed and pushing their faces into mine. A dog, on the other hand, is always up for love and attention and waits for you to say it’s okay.

I’ve also had a green iguana, but he wasn’t exactly the most interactive animal, probably because most of the time he had to be kept behind glass. And I know people who have hamsters, birds and rats as pets, but personally I could never really embrace keeping a rodent as a companion animal.

It’s something of a cliche, isn’t it, that people are either dog or cat people? Most animal lovers I know have both, and love both. But that said, there is a tendency to favor one over the other, and the cliche does dictate that men prefer dogs and women prefer cats. I really want both, and would love both equally, it’s just that my current home wouldn’t accommodate dogs so I’ve embraced my cat love. As soon as I have a bigger place, though, I will be getting a Bullmastiff, English Bulldog and a pug. Shame, my poor cats won’t know what happened. And just think of all that animal hair everywhere! Oh the horror.

Are dogs the superior pet? Which animals have you kept as the best companions?

Last Updated: March 17, 2017

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