No. Blindly Defending Your Console Is So 2007

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If there is one thing that makes me grumpy, it’s fools who can’t take the time to stop being idiotic fanboys for one second to stop and realise that sometimes, criticism may actually benefit their console of choice.

I’m sure that by now you are already wondering what I am on about, so let me explain.

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling put together an article titled “Sony Needs To Just STFU” and while at a first glance it may look like an anti-Sony/PS3 article, but once you read it you start to realise that the guy has some very good points and criticizes Sony in the hope that it will further improve Sony’s strategy regarding the Playstation 3.

So inevitably, fans of the Playstation 3 (In this case, Playstation Lifestyle) come along and try to tear Jim Sterling a new one by whining in a post titled “Sony Flame Baiting Is So 2007” about the article and calling Destructoid an “alleged multi-platform site” without actually taking a moment to think things through.

I suggest that you read the articles, which can both be found at the bottom of this post.

I find it utterly ridiculous that Playstation Lifestyle has lashed out at Destructoid for posting an article that was written in the hope that Sony further improves and pushes the Playstation 3 in an even better direction.


Take the Xbox 360 for example, it has had multiple issues since its release, the primary one being the infamous Red Ring of Death. Surely, anyone who loves the Xbox 360 wants the issue to be fixed, right? If someone lashes out at Microsoft for it’s inability to provide decent hardware to it’s customers in the hope that they will rectify the issues, surely it could only assist in pushing Microsoft to up their game?

But no, it can’t happen that way. Writers like these are blinded by their love and passion for their console of choice, and cannot possibly accept that it is anything but perfect. In this case, they actually do, but then complain that they have heard it all too many times.

Excuse me, but as said earlier, if something has issues, surely you would want it sorted, right? Why spend all your time defending the issues rather than realising that the people who should be putting the most pressure on companies like Microsoft and Sony are the people who love their products the most.

A fanboy is a fanboy, and is most likely to never care about the ways in which the competition can improve, which means that you should. As the people who fork out the cash for these expensive devices, we need to be spending less time bashing other peoples preferences and spending more time ensuring that the products we spend our money on are giving us the most complete and valuable experience that we can get.

Shame on anyone out there who is too blinded by their own preferences to realise that by refusing to acknowledge and complain about their own product’s downfalls, they are only screwing themselves more than anyone else ever could.

Here are the links to the two articles, as promised:


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Last Updated: July 15, 2009

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