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Friday Debate – Are PS5 scalpers the worst?

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This weekend, a bunch of you are going to have a good time. You’ve got your shiny new PS5 console, a library of games to port over to it, and maybe some new ones as well! Chances are that you were one of the lucky few who got Sony’s new console, which due to supply constraint problems, was only available in very limited stock.

Websites sold out within minutes when the PS5 went up for sale, and the second wave of consoles available to us were snatched up quicker than when the Flash realised that his Speed Force fart wasn’t a dry one. If you got one, well done! If you didn’t, sorry bud. More stock will be available soon, but it’s likely that you’ll have to wait until 2021 if you want a PS5.

There are alternatives though, as you can probably snap up one of those consoles from a private seller. Maybe that seller has buyer’s remorse, maybe something has happened where they need to raise some quick cash. Or maybe the dude on the Facebook marketplace managed to buy up all the stock that he could so that he could turn a quick profit.

Now granted, this isn’t illegal. There’s nothing stopping you from buying something and selling it an inflated price to some poor mark who has more cash than common sense. At the same time, scalpers are seen as the worst of the worst during a next-gen console launch. Some of them have grown increasingly sophisticated in buying all the stock of an item when its available, using bots and software to load their carts up and haul ass to the nearest checkout.

It ruins an experience that only comes once every few years, leaving other gamers empty-handed, and I’ve seen a LOT of this with the PS5. Just take a gander at eBay for example, where you can see people selling a new PS5 for double, triple or even five times the recommended retail price. There has been some karmic justice though, with police in Canada reporting that some of these reprobates have been robbed when attempting to offload their goods, but there is a better way to curtail this bad behavior: Don’t buy consoles at an exorbitant price.


I know that the technolust is there, but you can resist it. You can wait out the storm and grab a PS5 with a full warranty from a retail outlet when more stock arrives. Or better yet, a waiting game will likely result in these shallow resellers having to lower their own price to under the RRP when fresh stock arrives and they realise they have a mounting credit card debt to pay.

That’s just me though, and maybe I’m wearing my loudest socialist hat today and hating on late-stage capitalism a little too much. What do you think though? Are PS5 scalpers truly the worst?

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Last Updated: November 20, 2020

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