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GTA Online: Turkey Shoot & Black Friday Sale and Casinos in upcoming DLC?

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Starting today November 28th to December 1st there will be 50% off hunting rifles, ammunition, attachments and 50% off black clothing and accessories in GTA: Online in time for the holiday weekend. So just in case you didn’t get enough of the hunting mechanic in GTA5 and dressing in black, now you can do it for half the price, yay!

Something a bit more interesting is that later GTA5 DLC could feature a casino. Audio files extracted from the recently released ‘Beach Bum’ DLC have dialogue with characters mentioning a new casino opening up, as well as several references to pink slip races and indoor off road racing. Data files concerning new camera modes and missions involving spying on people have also been uncovered. The audio files have been uploaded to YouTube and it certainly sounds convincing. **Warning: The video below is hugely spoilerific**

No specific details have been announced whether or not this will be single player or multiplayer DLC. I’d hazard a guess that the casino has an Ocean’s Eleven style heist, well, at least I hope so. Rockstar did tease a reveal for the single player campaign earlier this month, so this may be what they had in store. I smell a problem with money exploits if the casino actually has playable games of chance in it. Only time will tell

Last Updated: November 28, 2013

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