Meet Lawrence Croft, a bizarre homosexual Tomb Raider

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[Update: I misread the source, there is no proof that Lawrence is gay but rather he has been created for gay people.. I don’t think it changes anything though. I still don’t think your average homosexual would like to be seen as this]

The gaming industry is currently being bashed from all sides by the feminists, transgenderists and pretty much every minority group that either isn’t sure of their gender, someone else’s gender or feel that their gender isn’t being treated with as much respect.. and then this happened.

Meet Lawrence Croft a genderbend of the more famous Lara Croft…

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So yeah.. there’s that.

And no my headline isn’t making a slur, according to the source that I have for these images, Lawrence is what would happen if someone made a game like this featuring a gay lead character.

Personally I’m pretty offended.. I know many gay people and the vast majority find this tasteless stereotype offensive and it in no way helps their cause in being accepted as equals in society.

Ah but it’s just a bit of harmless fun that is being used to showcase how society objectifies women isn’t it? It’s awesome how the harmless fun can exist when it’s being perpetuated by the online hate mobs but when it occurs in mainstream society it’s degradation and objectification.

Just because Lawrence is gay doesn’t mean he’d parade around topless in a video game, if you wanted to showcase a real lead character who still held attraction to your market (female admirers) you should maybe go for something like this.


See fully clothed, tough, independent and yet still obviously feminine. Or if you want an archaeologist willing to show a little flesh that homosexual men and straight women could relate to then how about.


Hey but what do I know, I’m just your average cisgendered privileged male who obviously cannot understand the nuances of being sexually confused. I mean all of us were born perfectly happy with who we are and have lived a life of privilege and comfort with no issues whatsoever.

So are you offended by Lawrence Croft as well and why?

Also, I lied.. I really really couldn’t be less offended by Lawrence if I tried. If there is a market big enough to justify the development costs of Lawrence Croft then they should seriously make this game. I’d even buy a copy to help. Anyone want to start a Kickstarter?

Last Updated: June 25, 2013

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