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Microsoft Replacing 1 vs 100 With Full House Poker

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Remember how 1 vs 100 was going to revolutionise the way people spend their evening as well as something else involving lots of awesomeness and cool stuff (according to Microsoft)? Well, it didn’t and Microsoft pulled the plug after the online game failed to attract any advertising support.

Microsoft looks like it will be filling the gap left by the quiz show with something new that comes in the form of Texas Hold-Em Poker, according to UFA800.info.

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Full House Poker will allow players to enter 30 player Poker tournaments that can ultimately be won by moving up through the games and ending up as numero uno. If you win you move up a table and if you lose you move down a table. Beat the 10 other folks at your table, then keep it up and you could find yourself the winner.

Players will play real people as well as computer controlled players including some famous names that bring with them some unlockables if beat.

In fact, there will be quite a lot of content to unlock such as shirts, cool accessories and even the ability to make your avatar do cool little tricks with his chips. Sadly it looks like almost all of the +/- 150 awards will remain inside the game and won’t be able to be taken out to your dashboard avatar. If you bust out you will always be able to get more chips from the in-game ATM (we are told this will always remain a free process) and reports also say that there will be a Windows 7 phone version of the game that you can share and play with.

Will this work out in the end? Well, I kinda liked 1 vs 100 although I really couldn’t ever be bothered to actually play, which says something. I like poker and so do many other people out there so I can actually see something like this doing very well.

I still don’t know if it’s such a hot idea to promote the idea of gambling to the very young audience that Microsoft is attracting in the with the Kinect though, so we will see if that causes any issues of its own.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: January 7, 2022

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