Register today for eSports showdown at Montecasino

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The H.I.V.E and Gaming Cartel are holding a console eSport showdown on 3 August 2013, and today is the last day you can register.  Want to play FIFA or Black Ops 2?  Want to compete and eat pizza?  Then this is the event for you!

The H.I.V.E is a pretty, shiny new venue at Montecasino, ready to host this eSports event.  Two tournaments will be taking place:

  • 1v1 FIFA 13 on PS3
  • 4v4 COD:BLOPS2 on Xbox 360

Each tournament will cost R100 entry fee and includes a Debonairs pizza.  Or, if you prefer Romans, you can pay R80 and get no pizza.  There’s no need to bring a console, but you can bring your own controller and headset for hygiene purposes.  I like to just bring a bucket of hand sanitizer with me, but hey, to each his own.

You can register for the FIFA event here, or the COD event here.  Prizes will be announced soon.

See, this is why console games are better than PC games – you can eat greasy food while playing.  That was always against the rules when I was a kid while on the computer, but consoles were a free-for-all.  Mmmmm, pizza.

Last Updated: July 26, 2013

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