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Thanks to eSports, new casino games will be based on skill

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Some might argue that gambling takes skill. While this may be true for games like Black Jack or Poker, the most frequently played games at casinos around the world entail pulling on a lever, or pressing a button, and hoping to win big. While this may happen every once in a million, there’s hardly any skill involved in playing the slots, other than managing to stay responsive for hours on end while indulging in copious amounts alcohol and fast food. This is all about to change with a new game entering casinos thanks to GameCo.


GameCo announced on Friday that is raised $8.25 million to kickstart the new venture with the aid from various partners to bring skill-based games to the casino floor. Deepen Parikh, a partner from Courtside Ventures, said the following about the new project:

“GameCo’s vision of offering video gaming experiences within casinos, presents a unique opportunity to be a part of both, the multi-hundred billion dollar slot machine industry and the rapidly growing global esports market.

“Blaine has brought together a group of highly experienced casino and gaming industry veterans, developing what we believe is a strong competitive advantage, in a highly regulated industry.”

GameCo’s vision for their skill based arena

We’ve spent months discussing the harm that gambling has done to eSports, and now it’s time to look to the more legal, and regulated way to gamble with competitive gaming. The move proposed by GameCo is to included games in casinos which promote skill, not luck, as this is the current trend in our generation. In 2017 GameCo plans to roll out their first machines onto the casino floor, and it may spark some nostalgic reasons to throw more money at casinos. According to eSports Observer, the new arcade-style cabinet is called VGM. It is a single player game that takes roughly one minute to complete and is modeled after popular console, PC, and mobile games. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is, kind of. The machines unfortunately will maintain “the same casino economics as slot machines.”

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Last Updated: September 26, 2016

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