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Top 5 Biggest Game Varieties in the World

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The world of gaming is undergoing constant changes almost every day, and all the technological innovations that have happened over the past years have helped shape this space into what it is today. Today, this industry is a multi-billion dollar one, and in this article, today, we are going to briefly have a look at some of the biggest game varieties that are out there. Irrespective of the types of games you like, you should definitely check out Borgata because the platform has something for everyone. When you play games, it not only provides you with joy but also takes away the stresses of everyday life; hence without further ado, let’s have a look at the options you have.

Role-Playing Games

These are probably the most popular games out there right now, according to GoodHousekeeping. Talk to any gamer you want, and they will tell you about their favorite character in a role-playing video game. These games are usually set in a science fiction or fantasy setting where you get to play one of the characters. The factor that makes these games so interesting is that they always have some story tying the whole thing up, and you are following that storyline and fulfilling certain quests. If you want to trace back to the first role-playing game that made it into people’s hearts, then we have to talk about Dungeons & Dragons, which was basically a tabletop game. 

Massively Multiplayer Online Games

These games are popularly known as MMOs and are usually played on network-enabled platforms. There is a virtual world in which all players are a part, and they interact with each other through this network. Even if a player decides that they want to leave the game, this virtual world will continue to exist. So, basically, the existence of the world doesn’t really depend on what the player decides to do. Depending on the type of game the players play, they can either choose to cooperate and play together or fight against each other. Different gameplay techniques fall under this umbrella term MMO, for example, real-time strategy games, role-playing games, first-person shooter games, and so on. RuneScape is a very popular example of an MMO.

Simulation Games

This is another very interesting category of games that you should definitely know about. These games are made to copy or mimic fictional reality, and as the term suggests, the ultimate aim is to ensure that the person playing the game is able to get fully immersed in it. Owing to the amount of control the player has in these games, they are often referred to as ‘god games.’ If you are looking for simulation games to play, check out Mario Kart or Simcity from EA, both of which are very popular. 

Strategy Games

Strategy games are extremely loved by the users owing to the amount of resource management and planning skills they require you to have. If you have been given a goal or a challenge to overcome in the game, you will have to use your brain cells to devise a well-thought plan by making the best use of the resources you have been given. A popular strategy game you can try is Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Action Games

Last but not least, you also have action games whereby you will be given challenges that can be overcome only when you use proper hand-eye coordination and speed up your reaction time. Most of these games have one thing in common – the gamer has to go through some strenuous physical challenges in the game in order to go to the next level. As the levels increase, the gamers will face relentless hurdles, and that is also what makes action games so addictive. If you haven’t played an action game, you can start by trying out any of the Grand Theft Auto games.


So, there you go. This list covers the major genres in gaming that are currently taking the market up by a storm. Let’s hope this article gave you some knowledge about the gaming industry you didn’t already know. So, try these out, and you are definitely going to find a game that suits you the best.

Last Updated: June 30, 2022

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