An apology to Hardware Secrets, Cougar, and our readers

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Last month, we reviewed a power supply from Cougar, the CMS Cougar V2. I had assigned the review to Darryn, who has a fair bit of electrical background knowledge. When the review came in, I found it to be lacking a little in regards to technical details, which I felt was important.

We used details of technical aspects of the power supply from another site,, without attribution. It was done at my insistence, and with my knowledge. I apologise unreservedly to Cougar, to Gabriel Torres of Hardware Secrets for using his work without attribution, and most importantly, to our readers – who we’ve deceived. I assure you that this is something we take very seriously. We have always endeavoured to produce reviews that are insightful and entertaining, and above all, professional. This was disingenuous, and tarnishes the brand we’ve worked very hard to build.

As Editor, I take full responsibility for this, and apologise unreservedly.

[A word from Gavin]

What can I say? I’m furious and disgusted. I and the team and have fought for years to stamp out the corruption and crap in the local gaming industry and I have always held us up as an example of how you don’t need to suck up or be sneaky, backstabbing or thieving to get anywhere.

I’ve personally fired people on the spot for plagiarism as it is deplorable and something that truly doesn’t belong in any aspect of journalism.

I expect everyone who works here to know better and they do know better. I’ve had a hard chat with Geoff and Darryn and while I’m entirely uncomfortable with this entire saga I do believe them that is was more an oversight than a planned deception. 98% of the article was entirely original and the chart was added after pressure was put on Darryn to improve the article. We are still new in the technology aspects and I feel this was a result of pushing too hard too soon.

That doesn’t make it any more acceptable and I deeply apologise to all who read the article. If anyone sees anything they are not entirely comfortable with please contact me directly via email [email protected] or via Twitter and I promise I will investigate it.

Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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