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You may have hardware that can run Crysis at 4K and set new benchmarks with massive numbers that will send a rush of blood to your secondary brain, but all that tech is useless without a proper power supply unit. A few years back, Cougar got into the PSU game and released the CMX 700: a power supply that wasn’t as good as it could have been. But Cougar is back, with a new and updated piece of Eskom-defiant technology. And its a sophomore effort that is leagues ahead of their previous PSU work.

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I plugged it in and it worked. 10/10! Thanks for reading that lengthy review folks…

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…Right, I suppose I should do this properly then.

It looks sexy!

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Right sexy it does! The V3 version comes in various versions, from the 450 W all the way up to the 1200 W version. And they all have that attractive bronze case, which makes the unit stick out like a pin in a balloon factory. It’s pretty much a massive shame that it needs to be covered up and hidden away when installed into a PC case.

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At around 160mm deep, the unit features a 140 mm fan and modular cabling with room for six connectors. Two red ones for video card cables and four black ones for your SATA and peripheral needs. Attached permanently to the device is an ATX12V/EPS12V cable and a video card power cable, all wrapped up in some protective nylon. Sturdy stuff then. Here’s a more detailed round-up of the cables:

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  • 1 x Main motherboard cable with a 20/24­-pin connector, 48 cm long
  • 1 x cable with one EPS12V connector and two ATX12V connectors that form an EPS12V connector, 60 cm to the first connector, 30 cm between connectors
  • 1 x cable with one six/eight­-pin connector and one six­-pin connector for video cards, 50 cm to the first connector, 13 cm between connectors
  • 1 x cable with one six/eight­-pin connector and one six­-pin connector for video cards, 50 cm to the first connector,13 cm between connectors
  • 2 x cables, each one having three SATA power connectors from 50 cm to the first connector, 15 cm between connectors
  • 1 x cable with three SATA power connectors, 15.7” (40 cm) to the first connector, 5.9” (15 cm) between connectors
  • 1 x cable with four standard peripheral power connectors of 40 cm to the first connector, 15 cm between connectors


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The cables have all been upgraded since the previous iteration of the CMX, and I can confirm that they’ve survived a stringent toughness test of being mauled by an energetic pet cat. Inside, the Cougar CMX 700 W has eight Schottky rectifiers attached to a secondary heatsink, which theoretically can deliver rather excellent power gains. To test the unit out, I plugged it into a high-end PC, and cranked the processes up to 11. And the device performed smoothly in every test.

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Efficiency was high, noise was minimal and games of Crysis 3, Battlefield 4 and Batman: Arkham Origins ran perfectly without any drops in performance. And I dug the fact that cranking up the power didn’t result in people wanting to know why a Boeing 747 was landing inside the test room. Even drawing power from the household grid was a cinch for the CMX 700W, as Cougar addressed the massive +3.3 V problem of the previous unit.

We used details of technical aspects of the Power supply from another site,, without attribution. I apologise unreservedly to Cougar, to Gabriel Torres of Hardware Secrets for using his work withoutattribution, and most importantly, to our readers – who we’ve deceived. I assure you that this is something we take very seriously. We have always endeavoured to produce reviews that are insightful and entertaining, and above all, professional. This was disingenuous, and tarnishes the brand we’ve worked very hard to build.


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So its a pass from me, and the unit got some love from an electrician pal of mine who rattled off numbers that make no sense to me whatsoever. The short of it is, is that the CMX 700 W as it is now, is a much better device than the original PSU that Cougar offered and which burned many an enthusiast. It’s whisper-quiet. Cougar fixed several problems in the CMX 700W, resulting in an efficient and adaptable device. Its worth researching which unit you buy however, as Cougar hasn’t exactly distinguished properly on the box which CMX is a V1 or a V2 model. That’s an issue which can easily be rectified however, by spotting the right cables.

If you see nylon sleeves in an orange, white and black colour scheme, avoid. But if you see something like this, while you’re shopping for a R1399, high-end PSU:

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Last Updated: April 9, 2015

Cougar CMX 700
…I’d recommend popping some extra bucks down on this beauty, which does come with a three-year warranty. Sleek, gorgeous and packed with enough hardware to survive anything that’s thrown at it. That’s the Cougar CMX 700W.
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