Vampyr review – Bled dry

Dontnod Entertainment’s Life is Strange found a considerable fan base despite its shortcomings. The drop in quality of Telltale’s work in the field of episodic adventure games left a nice niche for the prior’s hella (ulgh) mysterious millennial journey and cemented the title as a franchise. The studio’s latest work, however, is of a different nature.

Conan Exiles Review – The Hyboring Age

Funcom has delivered an above-average open world survival game that lives up to the mythos created by Robert E Howard. It fits in perfectly with the rest of the lore. However, while it is a fun game, it lacks a lot of polish, but if you can look beyond the flawed exterior, Conan Exiles will deliver hours of enjoyment.

Aragami: Shadow Edition Review – Bushadow Blade

Aragami: Shadow Edition is all you could ask for and more from a game that is built on the mythology of shinobi. It may still have a few rough corners, but for a first stab on console that emphasises stealth, patience and bloody retribution? It’s a superb experience with plenty to say thanks to its included Nightfall expansion.

Yoku’s Island Express review – Flung Beetle

Yoku’s Island Express is whimsical, charming and a joy to play. It’s developed by people who have an obvious love and deep knowledge for both pinball and Metroidvania games, and frequently delights and surprises by taking established genre conventions and quite literally flipping them about.