Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts review – Ghost, recon, future soldier

Sniper: Ghost Warrior has always seemed like the bastard step-child to the super Sniper Elite franchise. Polish developer CI Games’ last game, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 did little to change that perception. While the tactical shooter offered an open world, it offered little interesting or new and suffered from a raft of technical issues. With that in mind, I didn’t really expect to enjoy Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts at all.

Close to the Sun review: Scratches that BioShock itch

It’s a mistake to dismiss first-person horror adventure Close to the Sun as a BioShock rip-off. Despite similarities to the 2007 fan-favourite, Close to the Sun has its own unique identity. And skipping it will deprive you of one of the most sumptuous and memorable game settings of 2019.

Pokémon Sword and Shield Review – Corphish Blimey

Pokémon Sword and Shield is everything that you love about pocket monsters and then some. With an emphasis on sharpening what works and ditching more bloated elements aside to create the best region yet for the franchise, Pokemon Sword and Shield is pocket monster catch ‘em all mania at its very best.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review–PadaWin

One of the less cited takeaways of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein novel is how it focuses on the inability to achieve perfection. Despite the mad doctor gathering up the most ideal body parts to stitch together his patchwork creature, his efforts ultimately prove unsuccessful because no matter how perfect the individual pieces are, the whole could never achieve that level of …

Bee Simulator review – Fumble bee

When I was young, I played an awful lot of Maxis’ SimAnt, a simulation game that put you in role of a single ant within a colony of black ants in the back yard of a home. The goal there was to spread throughout the garden, fighting the red ants as you tried to drive the humans out of their …

Discolored review – reflecting between the lines

I honestly cannot recall what drew my attention to Discolored. Maybe it popped up in a feed somewhere or maybe it was a bored bout of browsing the Steam store. Whatever, the point is that the moment I saw the trailer, I had to play it. The smooth motion of the camera panning through interesting-looking rooms. The monochromatic environment pierced …

Need for Speed Heat Review – Driving Light

Need for Speed Heat may be a greatest hits collection of past success stories in an attempt to make up for the past, but it still pushes the pedal to the metal when it comes to being a guilty pleasure of pure racing junk food that’s hot off the engine block.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Review – The best way to play Rockstar’s divisive cowboy simulator

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a story of endings and new beginnings, of the birth of legends and the consequences that come with creating a myth. It’s all wrapped up in an immaculate presentation, told over dozens of hours and adventures that leads to an inevitable conclusion: Red Dead Redemption 2 raises the bar for the sandbox genre and stands tall as the definitive western game of this or any other generation.