FIFA 19 Review – Dives Like Neymar

FIFA 19 shows that sometimes it’s not all about reinventing the game so much as it is about making improvements to what already works so well. FIFA 19 is probably the best FIFA to date, but EA will not want to repeat the tweak-performance next time out.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit review – Putting the car into cardboard

The Labo Vehicle Kit is a meticulously designed and often fascinating building experience. The Toy-Con models fit together perfectly and encourage curiosity within anyone who engages with them. While the gaming element is an improvement over previous Labo Kits, it’s not going to suck you in for countless hours. As an intriguing way to while away the hours over a weekend, the Labo Vehicle Kit shines, but don’t expect much more unless you’re planning to flex your creative muscles in the Toy-Con Garage.

V Rally 4 Review – Ogier-rated

In a genre that has its fair share of challengers, V Rally 4 comes in dead last thanks to its bipolar handling, meagre selection of tracks and a modest grab bag of disciplines that fails to excite any fan of dirty racing.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey review – Yiro’s Quest

Assassin’s Creed’s gradual evolution to RPG is complete. While it remains familiar, the deeper combat, dialogue choices and consequences have upended Assassin’s Creed’s stealthy roots to deliver a sprawling, multi-tiered historical RPG epic. It’s the culmination of the series own journey, and only fitting it be called Odyssey.

Dragon Quest 11 Review – Comfort Food

Dragon Quest 11 falters in the pacing of its story and features an unimpressive OST but at the end of the day, this game is like getting together with an old friend and hanging out on a cool summer’s day; it’s familiar and oh so comforting.