Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review – Ultimate Fighting Championship

At first glance, Smash Bros Ultimate seems like a simple collection of everything that’s ever been in a Smash Bros game, stuffed into a single package. And that’s exactly what it is. While it doesn’t have every mode, the series has seen, it is home to every single stage and character the party fighting game has ever had. There’s a lot more to it than that though.

PlayStation Classic review – Tarnishing a legacy

The frustrating thing about this all is that Sony already has superior emulation tools available, as we’ve seen in the PSP (and Vita) emulation of PlayStation 1 games. Why they couldn’t use that as a base for this system is baffling. PlayStation 1 games didn’t look and run like this, making this system an affront to the system’s incredible legacy. It might be adorable, and if you’re a collector who must have it, then go right ahead. If you’re looking to pick this up based purely on nostalgia, then you’ll be making a mistake.

Football Manager 2019 – Your work away from work

Football is arguably the biggest sport in the world. Week in and week out, legions of fans watch their teams draped in glory or fall short of expectations. It is a lavish sport with players being paid millions to perform on the pitch. With so much passion and money in the sport, it’s no wonder that being a football manager …

Cattails Review – Starmew Valley

Cattails doesn’t quite reach the heights of the titans it attempts to mimic. Despite its flaws and shortcomings, it remains a compelling enough adventure survival simulator - one that cat lovers in particular will find plenty joy playing.

Farming Simulator 2019 – Deja Moo

This year’s version is a competent upgrade for the series. On its own, it stands tall as an excellent farm simulator, packed with features and with a level of complexity carefully hidden under its seemingly simple menus

ABZU Switch Review – Aquatic Journey

There’s a certain serenity when you find yourself sinking to the bottom of an ocean, a tranquil calm that settles over you as you find yourself exploring the life aquatic. That’s the kind of game that Abzu is. A soothing swim through digital waters that feels utterly cathartic.