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Transformers Generations: War For Cybertron Siege, figures revealed, includes a new Titan class Omega Supreme

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Here’s a quick guide to buying Transformers for you: Size matters. For the last couple of years, Hasbro has been releasing robots in disguise figures that are scaled to a particular size range, creating a uniform expectation of just how big the figure in your hands is going to be. Legends class is a tiny but playable toy, much like your wang, Deluxe class is your regular size for toys that you’ll see the most of on shelves and Voyager class figures are a few inches bigger and usually sport more ornate designs.

Leader class figures come next, towering hunks of Cybertronian plastic that dwarf the figures beneath them, but even they pale in comparison to the top tier of Transformer toys: Titan class. This name isn’t just a marketing bluff. Titan class Transformers are big enough to double as stand-ins for toddlers in a childless marriage, gigantic hunks of plastic and electronics that transform into actual cities for you to use as you stage mock Transformer battles.

Not that I would ever do that. Perish the thought, and you can’t prove a damn thing. Anyway, the thing is with Titan class Transformers, is that there’s only a handful of them. They’re so massive, that you’ll only see one of them released every few years. Hasbro began with Metroplex as their first Titan, added Devastator later, rolled out Fortress Maximus and then Trypticon.

Predaking was the 2018’s big Titan for the year, a combination of Five Voyager figures that created an incredible behemoth of a Predacon. This year? Omega Supreme finally makes his debut, as part of the War for Cybertron SIEGE line:

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He’s bloody massive he is. Over two feet tall (Or about 61cm in Queen’s English), Omega Supreme is based on his G1 appearance and can transform from robot to Autobot command center. Which just so happens to include a tank, a rocket, a control tower and a defensive perimeter. Plus look how awesome his accessories are. I know he’s meant for ages 8 and up, but he’s also probably designed for wallets that are 28 and up in age.

In addition to Omega Supreme, two more Transformers were revealed for the toyline: A Commando-class (I have no idea what size that is to be honest) Jetfire, a Deluxe class Impactor and a Deluxe class Mirage.

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Next week is a great week for collectors as the annual Toy Fair kicks off. I’ve already taken the necessary precautions for the evnt: Locking my wallet and bank account behind the most extreme security possible. Which in my case, is surrounding my credit card with tubs of yoghurt.

Last Updated: February 7, 2019

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