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ANT-MAN director Peyton Reed up for a prequel focused on Michael Douglas' Hank Pym

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In case you didn’t know, there’s more than one Ant-Man. Yes, multiple people actually went by that silly name, because much like many other big name characters in comic books, the mantle of Ant-Man has passed to a couple of people in the Marvel Universe. The guy who started it all though, was Hank Pym. He’s in the new Ant-Man movie out later this month, but he’s not the one you’ll see in the size-changing suit. No he’s the grey haired old guy played by Michael Douglas, who actually invents the suit that Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang ends up wearing and getting all superheroic in.

But one of the most interesting angles about his movie is that Pym actually was the Ant-Man back in his younger days, but then hung up the suit and got all disgruntled with superheroes due to some unknown event. From what I’ve read, it appears we’ll get a brief glimpse of a young Pym in the movie, but according to what director Alan Peyton told ComicBook.com, he would like to show a lot more.

“Listen, if we were lucky enough to be able to do a sequel or even a prequel, I’d be way into it. I’ve really fallen in love with these characters. I was always in love with the characters in the comic book world but there’s a lot of story to tell with Hank Pym.”

One of Captain America: The First Avenger‘s biggest plusses is it’s 1940’s setting, which makes it really stand apart from the rest of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Setting another movie in a past era is something that Marvel Studios Head Kevin Feige recently said that he was totally open for, so wouldn’t it be great to see a groovy era-appropriate 1960’s based superhero/sci-fi flick starring a young Hank Pym using the Ant-Man suit all in secret?


Way back in 2006, years before original director/writer Edgar Wright would leave the project at the 11th hour for Reed to step in and take over, he spoke to SuperheroHype about some of his ideas for the film, which included exactly that scenario.

“Well, the thing is that what we want to do, the idea that we have for the adaptation is to actually involve both [Ant-Men]. Is to have a film that basically is about Henry Pym and Scott Lang, so you actually do a prologue where you see Pym as Ant-Man in action in the 60′s, in sort of “Tales to Astonish” mode basically, and then the contemporary, sort of flash-forward, is Scott Lang’s story, and how he comes to acquire the suit, how he crosses paths with Henry Pym, and then, in an interesting sort of Machiavellian way, teams up with him.”

I would love to see a full-length period piece like that. It could show S.H.I.E.L.D. in it’s infancy – which I assume would have Peggy Carter featuring prominently – as well as some of the great villains from that era.


Last Updated: July 3, 2015

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