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Avatar 2 set photos reveal new underwater technology

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If there is one director who is not afraid to embrace new technologies and try bold ideas in his movies, it’s James Cameron. It may feel like he has been counting his many millions following the success of Avatar back in 2009 and having directed nothing other than a deep-sea documentary and produced Alita: Battle Angel, but one of the reasons for his seemingly slow productivity has been not just been pre-production work on the next few Avatar films, but also researching and developing the technology to film them.

After all, with Avatar changing movies as we know it by introducing the world to the pleasures of 3D – something which most movies today still can’t get right – he needs to deliver something even bigger. With the sequels still on the way, Cameron is going all out to ensure that these movies create an experience that are as equally unique and magical as what the first film achieved.

The franchise’s official twitter profile has posted two new pics showcasing one of those new technologies that Cameron is using for these movies, technology that makes motion capturing scenes that take place underwater more realistic and possible:

So, what does that tell us about what to expect from the new Avatar films? Well, apart from the budget likely being ridiculously massive and that we are going to get some gorgeous looking underwater scenes, not much. But I guess the experience of not knowing will hopefully leave us blown away when the Avatar films eventually release next year. Or possibly even later than that depending on how the current shutdown affects the production.

Last Updated: May 7, 2020

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