Death comes for everything in this GAME OF THRONES Season 3 trailer

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Most times, throwing money at a project doesn’t guarantee success. But hot dang, just take a look at the third season of Game of Thrones! More action, more outdoor sets, more dragons and more Peter Dinklage. The show has been busy filming new episodes for the third season. It’s been a year since we seen more of the Starks and the rest of the gang.

And it looks like they’ll be needing to throw off the vacation-rust, as things are heating up in this season that adapts half of the third book, A storm of swords.

I’ve yet to read the books, but according to my sources (The Live action role-playing Game of Thrones tribute,  or LARPGOT), something twisty and M Night Shamamawow happens in this saga. Game of Thrones season 3 kicks off March 31. About the same time that the folks who adapted Eragon decided to go jump off a cliff.

Last Updated: February 25, 2013

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