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Your job sucks: Dwayne Johnson is now the world's highest paid actor

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Your job sucks: Dwayne Johnson is now the world's highest paid actor

Kids, here is a life lesson for you: never stop trying. Or as the new Andy Samberg movie proclaims: never stop never stopping. Whatever works for you – because it worked for Dwayne Johnson.

If you told me ten years ago that The Rock would one day be the highest paid actor in the world, I’d have laughed. In fact, if you said that last year – even though the wrestler-turned-actor had cracked the top ten – I’d still have laughed.

Well, nobody’s laughing now.

No, wait, Dwayne is – all the way to the bank. Last year he made $64.5 million. So says Forbes, which compiled the highest paid celebrities around today. Incidentally, becoming a musician  is still a better career choice – Taylor Swift tops the rankings with $170 million – and Johnson only enters the list at a paltry 19th. So sad. But I’m sure his bank statements keep him nice and warm.

Dwayne Johnson

The best paying career is no doubt still autocratic ruler, followed by immoral financial trader, then shifty tech billionaire. But music and acting pays too: tell that to your parents when they insist on something laughable like a lawyer or chartered accountant.

It doesn’t hurt to learn kung fu either, or at least join the Peking Opera School. Second on the acting list is Jackie Chan with $61 million, followed by Matt Damon ($55 million) and Tom Cruise ($53 million). The first woman actor on the list is Jennifer Lawrence with $46 million, then Sofia Vergara – another surprise – with $43 million (tied with Ben Affleck).

jennifer lawrence

Forbes doesn’t explain its methodology, though usually it tallies salaries, endorsements and such things, but not investments such as real estate holdings. If it did, people like Jackie Chan may appear a lot richer.

Here’s the full actor list:

  • Dwayne Johnson (#19, $64 million)
  • Jackie Chan (#23, $61 million)
  • Matt Damon (#30, $55 million)
  • Tom Cruise (#37, $53 million)
  • Johnny Depp (#46, $48 million)
  • Jennifer Lawrence (#50, $46 million)
  • Ben Affleck (#58, $43 million)
  • Sofia Vergara (tied for #58, $43 million)
  • Vin Diesel (#79, $35 million)
  • Robert Downey Jr. (#87, $33 million)
  • Shah Rukh Khan (tied for #87, $33 million)
  • Melissa McCarthy (tied for #87, $33 million)
  • Akshay Kumar (#94, $31.5 million)
  • Brad Pitt (tied for #94, $31.5 million)

Head over to Forbes for the complete celebrity list.

Last Updated: July 19, 2016

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