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Extras! 27 January 2015

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

  • I posted this on Facebook the other but realized that I didn’t ruin enough childhoods over there and needed to share the pain. So you know that incredibly catchy theme song to the much beloved 90’s animated X-Men series? Yeah, that’s nothing more than an electric guitar version of Whitney Houston’s “I’m Your Baby Tonight”. You’re welcome.

  • And since you probably need some ear bleach right now… John Carpenter redefined the horror genre with classics like Halloween and The Thing, so a new horror flick from the filmmaker would be pretty cool. But we’re not getting that, because life isn’t fair like that. However, there is a consolation though as Carpenter – who is an accomplished musician – has been working on a “horror album” which he composed and performed himself. “Lost Themes” is a collection of the type of music you would normally find on a soundtrack to one of Carpenter’s movie, but there’s no movie to go along with this. It’s still pretty cool though, and you can even go listen to it in full over on NPR right now.
  • Poster of the day: Elysium


  • You know how absolutely gigantic Arnold Schwarzenegger’s muscles were in Conan the Barbarian? Yeah, well apparently that was after he had slimmed down on his workout routine because his muscles had been too big for him to swing a sword properly. You can learn all about Arnie’s bulging biceps and more in GeekTyrant’s list of 15 Fun Facts About Conan The Barbarian.
  • Once upon a time, Jude Law was going to be Superman. Colloquially speaking: For realz, dawg! The Sherlock Holmes star was once director Brett Ratner’s first pick to play the Man of Steel in the JJ Abrams penned Superman: Flyby, before Law turned the role down, essentially sinking the entire project with his absence. So does Law regret not getting all super? Not at all, not even after Ratner convinced Law to try on the famous suit.

“At the time, I really didn’t want to. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life being that guy who played Superman.”

“I go in the bathroom, put it on and look in the mirror, and suddenly, I am Superman. And it is an amazing costume. My chest pops up and the music comes on… That was it. I got it out of my system. I took it off, put it in the bag, and was like, ‘I’m not going to do it.’ I saw myself, No need for the rest of the world to see me.”

Seeing as how Ratner would then go on to nearly ruin another superhero franchise in X3: The Final Stand (and how how batshit-crazy Superman: Flyby sounded)  I think Law might have made a wise choice.

  • Everybody knows that Michael Bay loves to use explosions in his movies, but exactly how many explosions are we talking about here in a movie like Transformers? Luckily for us, somebody was willing to count.

  • This morning we heard Fantastic Four director Josh Trank talk about how, unlike X-Men: Apocalypse director Bryan Singer, he doesn’t just tweet about everything that’s happening on his movies. Maybe Singer should take some lessons from Trank, you know, maybe just when it came to first telling the actors on your movie that they have been cast, instead of tweeting about it and then them finding out in public like what happened to Sophier Turner when she was cast as Jean Grey.

“I was getting out of the car to walk in to [an] audition. And then my agent started ringing and she was like ‘Have you heard the news?’ ‘No, what news?’ Then she was like ‘Check your Twitter’. So then I checked it and… I was just getting like, ‘Congratulations Jean Grey.’ Then I just started crying and I messed up the whole audition because I was just like, ‘I can’t speak!’.”

  • Gary Whitta handed in his first draft of the screenplay for Gareth Edwards’ standalone Star Wars movie a few weeks ago before leaving the production, but now that script-baton has found a new bearer. Heat Vision is reporting Chris Weitz, best known for writing and directing About a Boy, has been tapped to produce a new draft of the script. The Oscar-nominated writer may initially seem like an odd choice for Star Wars, but since getting Oscar nod for the Hugh Grant drama, he has actually ventured into genre films a few times writing and directing both The Golden Compass and The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Plus, he already has a working relationship with Disney having also penned their upcoming live-action Cinderella.
  • As we learned from Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones, having a fake golden hand sucks for sword fighting. And thanks to this talk show on which the Danish-born actor  recently appeared, we also know that is sucks for drinking coffee, playing board games and more. It does make for some funny situations though.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to Extras, whether it be interesting stories, funny videos, or artistic photos of yourself in morally questionable poses, feel free to drop a mail to kervyn@themovies.co.za.

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