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Today most animated features are made with a click of a mouse and some strokes on a keyboard. Yes, it may be more clicks and strokes than a Bushman circle-jerk, but still there’s something to be said for the pure, hands on workmanship that went into creating animated features back in the day. Need some more evidence, then check out this video showing how Walt Disney cartoons were produced circa 1939.

You may be wondering what’s taken Sony so long to get the ball rolling on David Fincher’s The Girl Who Played With Fire, the sequel to his English language adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Maybe they’re all still really addicted to Skyrim over there?

Turns, it’s all about the money. Specifically, all the money that is not in Daniel Craig’s pocket. Since he’s now officially the most financially successful James Bond of all time, Craig is doing his best Cuba Gooding J impersonation and apparently demanding quite the pay raise. And Sony ain’t budging. In fact, they’re even considering rather writing him out of the story than to show him da money!

Writer Scott Z. Burns has had his fair share of monkey business. Well,ape business to be genetically correct. The writer penned the script for Apes sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes along with original director Rupert Wyatt. However, Wyatt eventually pulled out of the project and was replaced by Cloverfield and Let Me In director Matt Reeves. But according to Burns, the butt on the director’s seat may not be the only changes to the sequel.

“Rupert Wyatt and I worked on a draft last summer that I think we were both really excited about and he went into Fox and they seemed to like it, [but] they wanted a lot of changes and they sort of parted ways over those changes. Then management shifted at fox, they brought in a new director, I think the new director wanted a new writer and I don’t know how much of what we did and I wrote is ongoing.  It’s kind of heartbreaking because I really loved what we were trying to say with that movie so I hope some of it survives or that they came up with something a lot better.”

““I felt the way about [Rise of the Planet of The Apes] that I think a lot of the people involved did, which was that I loved the apes, but I felt that the human characters needed to be more interesting and that was sort of my task when we started talking about the second one.  I was loving it, it was a really fun world to play in.  It’s really heartbreaking when these things sort of leave you and you’re not even sure why.”

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer took to his twitter account yesterday to unveil a new poster for The Adventures of The Super Great Tonto. Oh and His Random White Friend That You May Remember From That Facebook Movie, But Who We Don’t Really Care About Because We Have Johnny Depp. Or as Disney likes to call it, The Lone Ranger Ranger.

Ever since the big announcement, a few people – myself included – have been wondering what changed JJ Abrams’ mind when it came to accepting the director’s chair for Star Wars: Episode VII. Apparently, it wasn’t so much Steven Spielberg’s insistence, as it was just the result of a good ol’ fashion fanboy geek-out over getting to work with your heroes/peers. Specifically, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi scribe Lawrence Kasdan, as well as Toy Story and Little Miss Sunshine writer Michael Arndt.

“J.J. was flipping out when he found out that Michael and Larry were on the movie already. J.J. was just on the ceiling when I walked out the door.”

You can read all about the entire process of how they landed Abrams over on Heat Vision where Kennedy gives her first in-depth interview since the announcement that Abrams would be taking over the reins of Star Wars. One note of importance though, she does also mention though that despite their initial target for a 2015 release, that could be shifted if Abrams wasn’t comfortable in delivering a movie in such a short space of time.

“Our goal is to move as quickly as we can, and we’ll see what happens. [However] the timetable we care about is getting the story.

Seems like Disney may have found a replacement for Mark Romanek after the director pulled out of their proposed live action Cinderella. Apparently that glass slipper was a perfect fit for Kenneth Branagh though, who is now in negotiations to helm the picture. Disney is hoping to start lensing in the third quarter of the year, which should suit Branagh fine as he should soon be wrapping up the new Jack Ryan film (which he also co-stars in as the villain opposite the titular Chris Pine).

Of tiny concern though is that currently the only role that has been cast is that of Cate Blanchett as the wicked stepmother.

Here’s a first look at Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston in Only Lovers Left Alive. And before you ask, no they’re not like those idiotic people who wear sunglasses indoors because they think it’s cool, but actually end up looking like twats. They’re actually vampires who wear sunglasses indoors because they think it’s cool, but actually end up looking like twats.

Hiddleston will play a vampiric “underground musician who’s deeply depressed by the direction of human activities. He reunites with his centuries-long lover, Eve (Swinton), though their idyll is soon interrupted by Eve’s wild and uncontrollable younger sister Ava (Mia Wasikowska).”

And today’s entry in the “Too Much Bloody Time On Your Hands” category is this pic from Slashfilm reader Raj R, who managed to recreated the entire plot of James Cameron’s Titanic using nothing but emoji’s. I have no idea whether to applaud Raj or pity him.

Sorry, Raj. We just told the world.

It would seem that actress Emma Fitzpatrick – whose previous biggest claim to fame was acting in last year’s horror, The Collector – has stumbled on the secret to making it big in Hollywood: Making fun of big name, Oscar nominated actresses in a really impressive way. Yesterday we posted a video of Ms Fitzpatrick using her rather remarkable talent to spoof Anne Hathaway’s performance in Les Miserables – for which she’s probably going to get the Best Supporting Actress gong – and since then the clip has not only gone viral, but Fitspatrick’s phone has been ringing non-stop with calls from casting agents.

Here are a couple of new clips giving you a look and listen to the new Interceptor from Mad Max: Fury Road. Well, “new” is a relative term, I guess.

You’ll regularly hear me proclaiming Daniel Day-Lewis as the greatest actor on planet Earth right now. And there’s a very good reason for my hyperbole: It’s f–king true. He has a knack of completely and utterly becoming the character he plays, and he know how he does that? How about breaking his own ribs, not sleeping for three days or killing and catching all his own food. You can read all about that and more at Yahoo’s list of The Craziest Ways Daniel Day-Lewis Prepared for Roles.

If you’ve already seen Wreck-It Ralph (and according to Noelle, you damn well should) then you may have caught Paperman, the Oscar nominated animated short that blends beautiful traditional 2D animation with wonderful 3D CGI effects. What? You missed it while you were arguing with the lady at concession stand, the one with the hair like a run over guinea fowl and the blood red nails of a porn star, about how your popcorn was old enough to vote and that you have no plans on captaining the Titanic tonight, so she can feel free to put more ice in your drink?

Not to worry though, you’re in luck, as Disney has made the entire short available online for your viewing pleasure.

Last Updated: February 1, 2013

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