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Extras! John Carter is no.1, Prometheus android unboxing viral video is amazing, Gerard Butler's going to protect the White House and Human Centipede 3 is going to be how long?! Plus much more!

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Welcome to The Extras! A daily dose of all the smaller movie related news, clips and just plain cool stuff that you might have missed!

Well would you look at that. The no.1 movie globally this weekend was John Carter. The film’s worldwide takings are now up to approximately $180 million as of yesterday morning.

Not content with blowing our minds twice already with those amazing Prometheus trailers, here’s an awesome (but kind of creepy) viral video showing the unboxing of the android David, played by Michael Fassbender. It’s pretty chilling stuff, and just keeps my excitement levels up to max.

As if the video itself was not spectacular enough, how people discovered it was also pretty incredible. Following on from the original viral video of Guy Pearce’s Peter Weyland’s fake future TED talk, audience members at this weekend’s WonderCon were given Weyland Corp business cards, that gave them a telephone number. When the number was called, a telephone operator informed them that all Weyland Corp lines were busy, but then sent them a text message with further instructions. The text message then directed them to a website where the video originated from.

Gerard Butler is going all John McClane for his next role as an ex-Secret Service agent who is the country’s last hope when the White House gets captured by terrorists. Thus far we don’t know much about the film, other that it’s being described as Die Hard-like, will start shooting in September and that the title, Olympus Has Fallen, is pretty damn cool.

Variety is report that Warrior director Gavin O’Connor is in talks to direct Neverland, a new film being produced by Channing Tatum which will depict the untold origin story of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and Captain Hook. Apparently, Tatum as well as producers Reid Carolin and Eric Bromberg originally came up with the concept.

One eensy weensy teeny tiny problem here: SyFy aired a film last year about the origin story of Peter Pan, the Lost Boys and Captain Hook. And can you guess what it was called? Yep, Neverland. So about that original concept…

Channing Tatum has never exactly struck me as MENSA material but surely they can’t all be dumb enough to not expect us to notice?

There’s a new poster out for Sundance film fest darling Brit Marling’s new cult/sci-fi film Sound of my Voice. As a fan of simplistic posters, I really dig this one’s aesthetic.

“Sound of my Voice sees Peter and Lorna endure a rigorous preparation in order to infiltrate a highly secretive cult and confront its mysterious leader, Maggie (Brit Marling), who claims to be a visitor from the future on a crucial mission.”

Yo, Staying Alive! I’m happy for ya and I’mma let ya finish, but Saturday Night Fever is the greatest disco dance movie of all time. And now it’s even better with Kanye.


Just when I thought that the concept of the Human Centipede could not possibly get any worse, human filth director Tom Six follows through on his promise that the 3rd film in the horror series will “upset a lot of people” (because clearly the first two was a welcome addition to Sunday afternoon family time) when he dropped this bombshell on his twitter account:

“#humancentipede3 will have a 500+ person pede. XXXXL American style!”

Wha-? Huh? But but…

…I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

And finally… Today I’m ending on not one but two amazing short films from director Wes Ball. Ball has been around the Hollywood graphics industry for 8 years doing work for HBO as well as helping to create various Blu Ray featurettes. In 2003 he created the charming short film, A Work in Progress, which won the Bronze Metal at the Student Adacemy Awards, which you can check out down below.

For the last two years though, Ball has been working on his “passion project”, a post-apocalyptic animated action short titled Ruin. It’s an amazing little film, full of high octane action, with a strong visual direction which reminded me a lot of 2011’s Enslaved video game. Both have an almost “nature run rampant” aesthetic which I have always found appealing and a lovely change of pace from the usual drab desert based post apocalyptic settings.


And what’s that I hear? Could that be fat lady singing, signalling the end of today’s Extras? Oh wait, no. That’s just the wounded-animal sound of humanity dying a slow death as we allow films like the Human Centipede series to be made. We need to make our voices heard against this rubbish by boycotting the depravity when it gets released.

And if our protest is successful, we can then tackle an even more grievous perversion than a film depicting 500 people surgically joined mouth to anus: Tyler Perry’s next Madea movie.


Last Updated: March 19, 2012

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