Guillermo Del Toro is off to THE SECRET GARDEN

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Sometimes I wonder if Guillermo Del Toro has a secret twin brother, like in that one film I’m not going to ruin right now hopefully. A secret twin that does not need to eat or sleep. Because the Pacific Rim maestro has just added another project to his formidable workload.

Yep, it looks like Del Toro is off The Secret Garden.

Does The Secret Garden ring a bell? It should, seeing as how that property has been adapted enough times to warrant a Christmas Carol level of alert. Set in the early part of the 1900s, the original book that all the films and TV shows were based on, tells the storyof young Mary Lennox, a rich girl sent to a Yorkshire estate after her family pegs from a bout of Cholera. While there, she discovers a key that grants her access to a wild garden.

Using that untamed lot of land, Lennox then has adventures and whatnot, alongside her new friends. Metaphors follow!

The latest in a long line of adaptations that stretch back all the way to 1919, Del Toro won’t be producing this flick on his own. Mark Johnson and scriptwriter Lucy Alibar are also onboard, as they’ll be transplanting Lennox from blue collar Yorkshire to a more North American setting of the deep south, according to Deadline.

By gum!

Last Updated: February 5, 2013

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