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Joss Whedon just unexpectedly released his new movie IN YOUR EYES on the internet

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You have to love Whedon; the man is a genius of cinema, has created some of the most memorable characters and continues to push the boundaries of movies. This time he dropped a bombshell at the Tribeca Film Festival, announcing a movie he had just made coming at you  through Vimeo, releasing ALREADY.

Here is Whedon’s announcement:

Bellwether Pictures is founded by Sir Josh and Kai Cole and is a micro-studio that released In Your Eyes straight after its opening at the festival.  Indeed the reason the studio was founded was to give the two the ability to launch quality indie films using modern technology, already boasting the totally awesome Much Ado About Nothing, a movie filmed in just a few days in Whedon’s own garden! In Your Eyes is available for $5 on Vimeo’s on demand service here and has already been translated into German, Portuguese, French, Japanese and Spanish (not bad!)

Cole explained: “It was always the plan to release In Your Eyes in a new and exciting way. It’s no secret that the distribution landscape is shifting rapidly and there are tools at our disposal as film-makers that we could only dream about ten years ago.”

Bellwether Pictures is also in partnership with Night & Day pictures who was responsible for In Your Eyes’ special release. Producer Michael Roiff said “We’ve been aiming to do something like this from the get-go. When you work with Joss and Kai – you don’t get to say ‘but this is how it is usually done’, you have to say ‘and now for something completely different’. Finding a partner like Vimeo to power this release was incredible. They are fantastic people working to make the future of distribution happen today.”

I’ve just watched the first 3 minutes and it looks very Whedon; an unexpected element of the supernatural that can only get better after reading the synopsis. You can watch the opening right below.

And here is the first trailer:

In the frozen East Coast winter, Rebecca (Zoe Kazan) is whithering away in a life of cocktail parties and lonely nights as the sheltered, soft-spoken wife of a successful doctor. Across the country in sun-drenched, arid New Mexico, charismatic ex-con Dylan (Michael Stahl-David) is struggling to find his footing and a fresh start. When these polar opposites realize they share an inexplicable connection, a unique metaphysical romance begins.


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