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Monday Box Office Report – Oz is great and powerful indeed

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Quite frankly speaking, it’s been a crappy couple of weeks for the financial side of movies. Big screen projects have floundered, old action stars have failed to make a nostalgic dent in the pocket of consumers and somehow, Brave beat Wreck-Ir Ralph at the Oscars. Yeah, I’m still miffed about that.

The one big notable new release that came out last week though? That Sam Raimi directed flick that serves as a prequel to the legendary Wizard of Oz? That’s the big hit that the North American box office has been waiting for since the year began.

Oz The Great And The Powerful notched up quite a few tens of millions, scoring more than the rest of the entrants in the top ten combined. That massive total is the highest debut so far. It’s also the first really big payday for a movie, since the first Hobbit film landed back in December with an $84 million haul.

As for the action movie scene, the latest stab in that genre did terribly once again. Colin Farrell’s Dead Man Down flundered, as it arrived to a lukewarm fourth place reception and barely cleared $5 million in total. Here’sa  look at how the rest of the contenders faired this weekend.

  • Oz The Great And Powerful – $80.2 Million
  • Jack The Giant Slayer – $10 Million
  • Identity Thief – $6.3 Million
  • Dead Man Down – $5.3 Million
  • Snitch – $5.1 Million
  • 21 And Over – $5 Million
  • Safe Haven – $3.8 Million
  • Silver Linings Playbook – $3.7 Million
  • Escape From Planet Earth – $3.2 Million
  • The Last Exorcism Part II – $3.1 Million

Ten years ago, it was a different scene at the box office. Steve Martin was still scraping the barrell of comedy in Bringing Down The House, while Bruce Willis was still relevant with guns in Tears Of The Sun.

Last Updated: March 11, 2013

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