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Monday Box Office Report – Jack slays the competition

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It’s March, but at the box office, it might as well be Meh-rch. The month officially began at the box office, and just like the majority of February, returns were rather disappointing overall. Jack the giant-slayer debuted to a lukewarm number one spot, alongside a coming of age flick and a final Exorcism part deux.

Here’s the latest tallies, from the North American box office.

Bryan Singer’s fairy tail extravaganza wasn’t the golden goose that the studios were hoping for, as the $200 million flick took in less on it’s opening weekend than what the heavily underrated John Carter of Mars did last year. Thanks to Warner Bros knocking the film down a year, that extra wait has left it in a precarious position in the domestic market, although an international release might be able to recoup some potential heavy losses for the slayer of giants.

Identity Thief is still going strong, as it has managed to make over $108 million so far, thanks to a strong run both at home and abroad. Not bad for a movie that cost $35 million to make. Here’s a look at the rest of the contenders.

  • Jack the giant-slayer – $28 million
  • Identity Thief – $9.7 million
  • 21 and over – $9 million
  • The last exorcism part 2 – $8 million
  • Snitch – $7.7 million
  • Escape from Planet Earth – $6.7 million
  • Safe Haven – $6.3 million
  • Silver linings playbook – $5.9 million
  • A good day to Die Hard – $4.5 million
  • Dark skies – $3.5 million

This week saw the departure of Side Effects, Warm Bodies and Beautiful Creatures from the top ten. While the first two have done a decent amount of business, Beautiful Creatures has been an absolute clusterfrig. Now sitting at number 19 after three weeks, it’s the film that Jeremy Irons will use from now on to deflect attention away from the time that he was in that Dungeons and Dragons movie.

Last Updated: March 4, 2013

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