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Robert De Niro and Shia LaBeouf may be spying it up as father and son for DJ Caruso

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Boy, Ben Stiller must be pissed off. You work so hard to impress your ex-spy father-in-law, and then he goes and picks some ADHD kid who flashes his wang on the internet and talks to his car, to rather be his successor.

Oh wait, this isn’t a sequel to Meet the Fockers, this is some serious spy business! 


Heat Vision reports that De Niro and LaBeouf are in negotiations to star as father and son in Spy’s Kid (a title so bad I nearly bit that cyanide capsule embedded in my fake tooth), which is an adaptation of a series of articles written by Brian Denson in “The Oregonian” in 2011. It tells the true story of Jim Nicholson, a CIA veteran who was convicted of spying on his own country (the highest ranking officer to ever be convicted) in 1996 and sentenced to more than two decades in prison. But Ol’ Traitor Jim wasn’t going to let a thing like prison bars stop him, so he enlisted the help of his ex-Army son Nathan to pick up his old spying ways and start selling secrets to foreign countries all over the world.

Paramount are apparently in the final stages of negotiations with director DJ Caruso, who should be pretty familiar with (and mastered the art of controlling the manic) LeBeouf as he directed him in Disturbia and Eagle Eye,which were both decent enough time wasters, I guess. Caruso hasn’t done anything since the rather meh sci-fi flick I Am Number Four in 2011 though, so this should be a chance to redeem himself.

There’s been no writer yet attached to the project, which is sort of a big deal, as reports indicate that De Niro and LaBeouf’s involvement is dependent on the final script.

Since leaving behind the toe-thumbs and explosions of Transformers, LaBeouf has made some pretty interesting film choices to prove that he his more than just a walking,talking sugar rush, and thus far, I’d have to say that he has actually been convincing me. De Niro has been the exact opposite though. As one of the most talented actors to ever grace the screen, he’s made some really horrible film choices over the last decade or so (barring a select few), so he really needs something to put him back in the win column and this may be it.

Last Updated: April 24, 2013

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