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SA’s Weekend Top 10 (1 to 3 May)

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Stupid public holidays. It looks like I skipped a week or something, because there is a whole range of new faces on the top 10. It’s on one hand a bit jarring – like stepping into your local and just seeing the faces of strangers. On the other hand, wasn’t I complaining not too long ago that there isn’t enough new action on the charts? Well, consider my prayers answered…

No surprise that the number one film this past weekend was Avengers: Age of Ultron. Opinions have been mixed, but box office tallies don’t share that uncertainty. At $191 million the superhero sequel had a slightly weaker opening weekend than the first movie, but it is still going strong with over half a billion dollars in international earnings. The story is something about a roomba that Iron Man and The Hulk make, but its gets out of control and tries to take over the world. Something like that. I’m not saying more, because let’s face it: I’m preaching to the choir here.


This pushes the current ruler of the charts to number 2. Fast & Furious 7, though, is not losing much momentum and unless the Avengers or something also can throw a god’s hammer in front of this train, Vin Diesel and co. may yet front the biggest earner of the year.


In third is another new entrant, Get Hard. Will Ferrell is a millionaire bound for jail, so he hires Kevin Hart to coach him on surviving behind bars. I have no idea if this is good – when it comes to Ferrell’s movies the scores are always all over the place. But the premise sounds brilliant.


Number four is The Duff, a teen romcom coming of life genre masher that has critics feeling quite happy about it. The last time I saw such glowing reviews for this kind of film was Easy A. So if that sounds appealing, The Duff might be one to go and see.


Fifth is Cinderella, the live-action adaptation of the classic Disney animation. I have long ago exhausted my knowledge of this film, but it’s been around for several weeks. If you’ve not seen it yet, you probably won’t or you refuse to admit to your friends that you want to. You’re probably sitting in the Avengers, imagining everyone in glass slippers. Look, you won’t be happy until you swap to the cinema next to yours.


At number six is the Dreamworks animation called Home, starring Rihanna and the sociopathic Vulcan from Big Bang Theory. In the U.S. it just sqeeked ahead of its production budget, so this one may not be chalked up as a big win. But Home has held its own, yet still leaves 2015 wanting for its first 3D animated tentpole.


Speaking of animations, number seven is the new entrant Book of Life, a quirky story about meddling gods, love torn lovers, guitar playing, the underworld and the fabulous visual styles of Mexican folklore. If anything, it reminds me of the game Grim Fandango.


At eight is a rather massive plunge for Liam Neeson. Tak3n held onto the charts like a cat’s claw on a sock, but Run All Night isn’t doing as well. Two weeks ago it debuted at number two and plunged six spots since. It’s about an assassin dad who turns against his mob employers to protect his son when they put a hit on the guy.


Ninth on the chart is French Toast, a local movie and the third or fourth one to make the charts this year. Like previous charters it’s in Afrikaans – but not entirely. It tells about a woman who travels to Paris, following the footsteps of her late mother to hopefully find some lost siblings. Along the way she befriends a French chef who contracts her to take photos for a cookbook. So it’s also in English and looks like a fine if syrupy romantic comedy with good food. Let’s see if it can hold onto the charts as long as its peers did.


Finally, at ten is another new movie, Far From The Maddening Crowd. Based on a classic novel, it’s about a Victorian lass and the three suitors she attracts. It sounds like Sense & Sensibility to me, but would you believe I’ve never watched that? Anyway, it’s one for everyone who like their romantic dramas in stately manors and fine clothes. So slightly older than Downton Abbey times. Which I’ve never watched either. Fun fact: this is sixth film adaptation of the book.


Since I skipped a week somewhere, no round-up of who has left the charts. But the heavyweight money-making champ of the charts remains Fast & Furious 7 with R71 million in earnings.

  • 01. AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON (incl. 3D & Imax)
  • 02. FAST & FURIOUS 7
  • 03. GET HARD
  • 04. THE DUFF
  • 06. HOME (incl 3D)
  • 07. BOOK OF LIFE (3D)

Last Updated: May 6, 2015

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