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Tuesday Box Office Report

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Sure, it’s a day late, but you can blame Dr Martin Luther King for that! With an extra day to make some long weekend cash, the box office had several new faces around, from the return of Arnie himself, to a new horror film backed by Guillermo Del Toro himself. So who came out on top then? Guns or frights?It was frights. Definitely frights. Schwarzenegger bombed harder than his marriage in The Stand, while the Andres Muschiette directed Mama creeped out audiences to a number one spot and a respectable take of over $28 million. On the far opposite end of the success spectrum, ol’ Arnie failed to make much of a dent with his big guns, as The stand wound up in a ninth place debut of just over $6 million. As for everyone else, here’s who made what and had a dream to be number one.

  • Mama – $28.4 million
  • Zero Dark Thirty – $15.8 million
  • Silver Linings Playbook– $10.7 million
  • Gangster Squad– $8.6 million
  • Broken City– $8.2 million
  • A haunted house– $8.1 million
  • Django unchained– $7.7 million
  • Les Miserables – $7.5 million
  • The stand– $6.19 million
  • The Hobbit: An unexpected journey– $6.18 million

Zero dark Thirty fell a spot this past weekend, but with a total gross of over $60 million in domestic markets, the film has managed to pull in quite a bit of cash so far. Gangster Squad continues to be a box office bust right now, as the ensemble cast of that flick has only managed to score over $51 million in cash, despite the fact that it had a heavy marketing campaign behind it.

And it looks like big name films are finally on the way out. Sitting at the number seven and eight spots respectively, Django Unchained and Les Miserables have finished their business, while The Hobbit is at number ten after six weeks in the top ten, and with a global haul of $920 million. Not bad Mr Baggins, not bad at all.











Last Updated: January 22, 2013

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