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Why doesn't anyone tuck in anymore in this trailer for THE INTERN

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Nancy Meyers loves making movies about generational gaps and relationships. The most famous examples is perhaps It’s Complicated, which tackles the vagaries of single life and divorce at the other side of fifty. If you’re not familiar with her work, it tends to be warm and funny with some drama and a bit of real world sprinkled in. That’s not my cup of tea, but I still am tempted by her latest movie, The Intern.

Robert de Niro plays a widower who, bored with retirement, decides to enter the workforce again. He finds a role as the intern to Anne Hathaway’s CEO at a fashion website. Naturally there are plenty of old people vs. tech jokes, young people not dressing well jokes, and obviously everyone has something to teach each other. In particular Hathaway’s character struggles with being a young CEO under pressure to make room for experience. But can her relationship with her new senior intern help get her back on track?

The trailer in incredibly syrupy and I’m still sucking on a Fisherman’s Friend to get the sweetness out of my mouth. But on the other hand, I love watching De Niro on screen and Hathaway is often a good draw as well. There are a few other recognisable faces here, so it looks like a good gang of characters leading this.

I’m also intrigued because I like films that explore the older side of life, be it the morbid About Schmidt, the stoic Gran Torino or the out there Bubba Hotep. Older people are no longer the cinematic pariahs they were and The Intern is another nice spin on that. Expect it to arrive in the last half of the year.

Last Updated: May 25, 2015

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