007 Legends… just no

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007 Legends

When Geoff first handed me the Gamescom schedule and I saw that my first meeting was with Activision and 007 Legends I acted very maturely and point blank refused to go.. I don’t want to see one of my favourite movie franchises ruined in a game and I didn’t have any faith in a legends game without Sean Connery in it.

Unfortunately due to him setting up the schedule and ensuring that he was somewhere else at the time I was left with no choice but to wander over to the Activision booth and take a look and what I saw was exactly what I expected to see.

It’s not that 007 Legends is a bad game, it looks okay and plays out as a generic spy shooter is expected to play out but unless it is hiding somewhere and will only be revealed when we get our review copy it simply doesn’t have a soul.

The game is made up of 5 missions inspired by classic bond films with the 6th mission, Skyfall, to be released as DLC after the movie of the same name is released.

You play as Bond and have access to some awesome bondesque gadgets such as a pair of glasses that can see electrical current so that you can follow the power from a security camera to the power box and then you can shut off that camera before walking through.

The rest of the stage I saw was then a stealth shooting mission where you needed to take people down and plant bombs and that’s about all I can say about that stage. After alerting the bad guys of our presence the developer got into a fire fight and had to take everyone down, however he ended up taking so many bullets and still standing that another journalist actually asked him if he had god mode on.. and his answer was no.

Next up we were treated to an end boss fight where Bond gets to fight the evil mad man and as I started getting my hopes up of some brand new mechanic that will save the preview it happened… the boss fights are entirely QTE (quick time event) and blatantly scripted.

Legends will be a nice addition to every Bond fans collection once Activision see that the sales aren’t as good as expected and drop the price. Perfect budget buy for dad for Christmas, next year.

Oh and once again it is coming on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 with no announcement yet for the Wii-U and I forgot to mention the car chase scene where you shoot another car 10 times with missiles… missiles.. and then you eventually stop it by driving into it. Just stupid

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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