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And our finalist for the Star Wars Xbox Kinect hamper is…

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A short while ago, we asked you to write a poem in Yoda-speech, in order to stand a chance to win a limited edition Xbox 360 and Kinect, which just so happened to be emblazoned with Star Wars style and design.

As a bonus, the hamper comes complete with the latest Star Wars Kinect game, which will have you shaking your booty in a galaxy far, far away. And by gum, you guys really wanted that prize.

So, we spent the weekend going through all the poetry, while puffing away on pipes and wearing monocles, in order to be as intellectual as possible. Which lasted around five minutes. One brawl later, and we had ourselves a finalist, who will be judged alongside an entry from El33t Online by the beautiful people at Microsoft SA.

And that winner is…

Scratch 17! Congrats pal, yours was the most awesome and moving piece of prose! For those of you who never saw it, here it is:

Construct a rhyme, I was asked to
So that in The Force, I may bask too.
Last console I owned, the NES was
But no justice to me, my salary does.

Balance to my couch, this console’ll restore
Even when Kinect has me on the floor.
The force is strong, dark side or light
If moral choice systems are balanced right.

My only hope, this poem is
To bring play to this abyss.
To play some games, I only wish
And Kinect, to gesture with a swish.

‘Do or do not’, the green one claimed
For a lucky break, I instead aimed.
Win this contest and swag, I must,
And in the judges, I will trust,
To train my thumbs in some mad tricks
On C3PO’s analog sticks.

Microsoft SA will soon see your mad rhymes, so good luck, when it gets judged next to the entry from el33t!


Last Updated: April 11, 2012

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