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Bioware is making the next Command and Conquer

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Only they’re not really. It looks like the rumours were indeed true; Bioware’s new game – teased by images and a short trailer – is indeed the next Command and Conquer game, a sequel to C&C Generals, as revealed at the Spike VGA’s this weekend. thing is? It is, like rumour suggested, actually being developed by Victory Games, which has now fallen under the Bioware label – so nobody really has any idea what to really expect. The game will be, from the information we have so far, a traditional RTS – and will be available exclusively for the PC. Let’s hope it’s nothing at all like Command and Conquer 4.

Here’s what the game’ll feature, according to the brand new official site :

  • All-out War – Take control of three unique factions, competing for resources, building up your base of operation, and leading massive batteries of tanks, soldiers, and aircraft into battle.
  • Uncanny Sense of Realism – Frostbite 2 technology allows for visceral, visually stunning conflict at an epic scale. Incredibly detailed units and environments, dynamic physics, and exhilarating visual effects bring the battle to life in ways never before seen. This is the closest thing to real war without the consequences.
  • New Ways to Dominate or Ally with your Friends – Go beyond classic deathmatch with a selection of new multiplayer game modes, designed with both cooperative and competitive play in mind.
  • Thrilling Campaign – Command the war on terror in an electrifying single-player campaign. Experience the dramatic story from multiple perspectives-from heroic General to crazed terrorist-while engaging the enemy in pulse-pounding tactical combat.
  • Ever-evolving Experience – Enhance your game with an expanding array of downloadable content. From maps and units to factions, campaigns, and more, the fight against terrorism is deeper than ever.

"We’re bringing BioWare’s vision for emotionally engaging gameplay and great attention to quality to the strategy genre and the Command & Conquer franchise," said BioWare co-boss Ray Muzyka.

"I am excited to welcome BioWare Victory to our label. They are a great addition and the team is working hard to make sure Generals 2 truly immerses and engages players into this intense, gritty, modern war experience."

Here’s the trailer. Let us know what you think.

It’s the second studio to be rebranded as Bioware; earlier this year EA purchases social gaming developers Klicknation – which is now called BioWare Sacramento. With all these developers being thrown in to the Bioware pot, does the company really have any identity left, or is the Bioware brand being diluted?

Last Updated: December 12, 2011

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