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Bioware is working with Sony to bring Mass Effect operations to the PS3, further events to be biweekly

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His name, was Marauder Shields...

If Mass Effect 3 is a game that you’re still playing, then it’s most likely due to that marvellous multiplayer, which places 4-man teams of operatives into perilous situations, where they have to fight back, complete objectives and DAMN BANSHEES, I WILL HATE YOU UNTIL THE END OF TIME ITSELF!

Ahem, I’m drifting slightly there. It’s been a popular event so far for PC and Xbox 360 players, but unfortunately, PS3 owners of the game have been left out cold on the weekly events, due to a lack of compromise between Bioware and Sony.

That might be changing soon however.

Sony says that it’s currently “working” with Bioware and it’s publisher, EA, on “an implementation to bring Mass Effect 3 multiplayer weekends to PS3,” a spokesperson said to Shacknews.

In the past, Sony was hesitant to approve any of the Mass Effect 3 Weekend Operations, events which usually netted players extra experience points, cash and exclusive weapons and characters.

“We continue to work with them to find a compromise, but until then, Sony will not allow us to run the same Multiplayer Challenges on the PlayStation 3 that we run on Xbox 360 and PC,” Bioware said in a previous statement.

In the meantime, for those of us who are spending our every weekend online at Firebase Alpha, those promotional operations are falling back to a biweekly schedule. Bioware says that the move is designed to “create and execute the best possible Operations for the community”.

Operation Exorcist is the next planned event, that will run from April 27-29, and will hopefully include PS3 players this time around. And if you don’t feel like playing that this weekend, then how about a PS3 beta key for Ghost Recon: Future Soldier instead?



Last Updated: April 20, 2012

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