BT Games has outed a new Need for Speed as well

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Our own BT Games is getting quite a reputation for letting out information that’s shouldn’t quite be known – so much so that international news sites are trawling the site looking for release information on upcoming games. Earlier today, intrepid, eagle eyed web users spotted a pro-order listing for Dead Space 3, a game that EA’s yet to officially announce.

It looks like they’ve done it again – because they’ve put up pre-order info for a new Need for Speed.

It looks like we’ll be getting a sequel to Criterion’s take on the franchise, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, with the imaginatively titled “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2” which the retailer’s put up for pre-order. I know that BT, like most retailers really, use forecasts and release schedules from distributors to create their own schedules. Is that the case here, or is BT just pulling stuff out of its derrière?

It’s the third time in just about as many days that the country’s largest specialist games retailer has leaked interesting information. BT Games gained a bit of global internet notoriety when they leaked information on Jak and Daxter’s HD collection, way before Sony had said anything official.

My money’s on it all being based on solid info – and that BT just needs to plug up its bucket a bit. the listing supplies very little information, so there’s no news on whether Criterion will be involved again, or if they’re busy with a new Burnout.

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Last Updated: April 18, 2012

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