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Cliffy B is disappointed in how Gears of War turned out

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Gears of War is one of the biggest franchises of this generation and has made Epic and Cliff Bleszinski millions in profit but Cliff has now shocked the world by announcing that he is actually disappointed in how Gears of War turned out.

Apparently when he was first creating the game he had plans for it to be quite cerebral and more heartfelt. Granted the third game in the series had a ton of emotion and was very well rounded indeed but the first two and specifically the second one failed miserably in their attempts at portraying emotion.

In fact Cliff goes on to state that

If I were to pass Gears off to another studio, and they came back with a pitch of having a double-edged chainsaw, and the characters are more buff, and now you can pull off someone’s head and shit down their neck, and they had a character that makes Cole look tame… I would look at them and say no, you’re going in the exact wrong direction. Gears is always some of that, but I would want to further evolve it in more of a Christopher Nolan way.

But would the game have worked with less violence and more emotion? I severely doubt it as it was the over the top violence and adrenalin that made the game and the only reason the third one worked so well with the emotion was because we’d been invested in the story for 2 previous games.

The actual interview with Penny-Arcade.com is very interesting to read as Cliff touches on the reason why the first game was so violent and beautiful at the same time; it’s  possibly because he had just got divorced and was dealing with that pain (I bet his ex wife regrets that move),  and the ending of the final game on the beach is a direct correlation to his current life where he and his new fiancé love sneaking away to the beach in North Carolina to spend quality time together.

Oh and the finding of the COGS in Gears of War 3 is linked to him finding porno magazines in the forest behind his house growing up while his missing father in the game is down to his own father dying when he was still young.

All in all I think it’s obvious that the game worked so well because there was so much heart put into it from all angles.

Last Updated: March 13, 2012

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