Competition Winners Round Up! Pandora’s Tower, Counter Strike GO and Magic the Gathering

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Finally, an excuse to use a Queen header

We’ve had a slew of competitions recently, with some results being sorely needed. So, we dumped all the entrants in for the various contents, stirred, added some sugar and chemical X, and hey presto!

We had several winners!

Let’s see who won what, shall we?

Thanks to the awesome folks over at Mweb Gamezone, we had three beta codes for Counter-Strike GO to hand out. Those three winners are:

  • Scruff
  • Uncle
  • Twakkie

Well done guys, I’ll be mailing you your codes later.

Last weeks video garnered some great debate about Japanese RPGs, as well as some hate-mail for having me not include x Game with andorgyneous leading characters. The winner of the Limited Edition Pandora’s Tower is:

  • Johan Du Preez

We’ll be in touch soon, to get you your prize. And last but certainly not least, we’ve got some premium cards to give away, from the latest release, set in the world of Magic The Gathering. The winner is:

  • Vaughan L. de Stoppelaar

And we’ll also be in touch with you soon. For the rest of you, keep your eyes on the site, as we’ll always have some more contests on the way. Like that one where you can win Max Payne 3 and help us prove that G3ar are big doo-doo heads, when we take them down in Max Payne 3.


Last Updated: April 26, 2012

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