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Deadpool–A possible Game of the show winner?

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I’m a pretty terrible geek, I do realise this and so I can say without too much embarrassment that I’ve never read a Deadpool comic and didn’t watch the announcement of a Deadpool game with any real interest. But while I was behind closed doors at Activision I saw the game was being shown off and with 30 minutes to spare I snuck into the showing and settled down to see pretty pictures.

However what followed has been one of my favourite Gamescom 2012 moments as we were taken through the history of Deadpool, how he breaks the fourth wall and interacts with the player and how he is entirely and utterly insane.

The character has easily become my favourite comic book hero and thankfully the game doesn’t disappoint this new found addiction of mine.

Our demo level starts off with Deadpool relaxing in his chair watching TV where the news reader is talking about how a billionaire media mogul has locked himself in his skyscraper and surrounded himself with a private army as he refuses to come out and face the courts for his crimes.

Deadpool has been hired by the victims sister to ensure the billionaire makes his appearance and heads off to sort him out. The humour and insanity is infectious as Deadpool randomly talks to himself and cracks jokes while you are playing. During the opening intro levels where the controls are being explained he breaks that 4th wall by reading out the instructions displayed on the screen.

Then before entering the building, via blowing up the toilet, he pumps up a bouncing castle (seen above) and then he’s off into the building and we’re fighting. Deadpool is the master of swords and guns and he swaps between these effortlessly while taking down all comers and thoroughly enjoying himself while doing so.

The fighting is pretty straight forward with your normal combo’s all being utilised as usual, he also has some extra weapons like bear traps and explosions but we weren’t give a look into these yet.

As he made his way up the building we encounter hordes of the same characters and one or two bigger tank styled enemies with rocket launchers that Deadpool then relieves them off and uses himself.

We are also treated to a small helicopter session where he takes control of a Gatling gun and lays waste to the army below before leaping out of the helicopter in a hilarious attempt at trying to fly.

While the gameplay and graphics are all perfectly acceptable it’s the oddball insane humour that makes this game stand out and has placed it so high on my must have list that it is now overshadowing virtually everything else.

Deadpool is going to be voiced by none other than Nolan North and his sexually laden innuendo will unfortunately only be out next year on the Xbox 360 and PS3 with no announcements being made yet on PC* or Wii-U but I wouldn’t rule them out either.

*I see a PC version is listed online but the presentation was console only… who really knows for now

Last Updated: August 17, 2012

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