E3 2012: Careful what you say in FIFA

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Kinect integration, well Kinect microphone integration, seems to be one of the biggest things for Xbox 360 this year and unfortunately FIFA 13 hasn’t managed to avoid this cheap cash in either.

You can now sub players, change tactics and swear at the ref via Kinect… no I’m not kidding while the first two are pointless that I can easily do with the controller the third option exists and could actually make for a great addition in the game.

According to the video shown at the Xbox 360 press conference if you feel hard done by with a call from the ref and make that feeling known the game will actually hear what you say and will react by calling out that the player isn’t happy with that call and has made himself known to the ref.

It’s a massive gimmick but at least it’s a gimmick that may make the game more immersive instead of being a cheap attempt at including Kinect gameplay.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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