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E3 2012: Drink Tiger Blood and experience tasteful nudity with Far Cry 3

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Far Cry 3 is looking even better with each new snippet of information released. Trapped on an island, and with a murderous maniac on his tail, we’re going to be in for a rough ride, as the pyschotic atmosphere of the island itself transforms and warps us.

Which is just what this latest trailer did at the Ubisoft Press Conference.

Things venture into adult territory, as we both look and touch a lovely beauty, belonging to a mysterious tribe on the island, inducting us in some strange ritual, before we assume our spot as leader of this new enigmatic group of islanders.

The action shifts, as we hunt down the antagonist of Far Cry 3, Vas. Swimming, stabbing, ambushing and laying a few arrows in enemy mercenaries in the process. We burst into a deserted house looking for Vas, when a pile of TVs turn on suddenly, with Vas flaunting his preparation and death trap lessons picked up from the Joker, forcing us to bust out and go after him.

The showdown with Vas is over quickly however, as he thrusts a strange looking dagger into your chest, forcing another hallucination, consisting of weird visions and nightmare fuel, leaving Vas to remark;

I AM you! And you ARE me!

Gritty, strange, sexy and violent. That’s one way to describe Far Cry 3 so far.

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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