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E3 2012 : EA shows Dead Space 3 co-op

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EA once again made the beautiful and historic Orpheum theatre its home – and took the opportunity to show off its latest games – starting the proceedings with a bit of Dead Space 3.

EA President John Riccitiello came up to talk – saying that games have changed, through DLC. Evolution, he calls it ; money grubbing I say. He then went on to show something from Visceral Games; Dead Space 3.

In an action-packed trailer, we see a talky, beardy Isaac Clarke joins new buddy John Carver, for a bit of drop in/drop out co-op; as leaks have already told us. Visceral then did an on-stage co-operative demo – and it looks like players really will have to work together to take on the necromorphs in this action-oriented space and frozen wasteland shooter.  Interestingly, it seems like ammo is universal – so you’ll no longer be scouting for specific ammo types. Seems a bit like Gears of War and Army of Two invaded the Dead Space universe.

I’m not convinced it maintains the game’s creepy atmosphere – but it certainly looks fun. Game’s out in February next year. 

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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