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E3 2012: Gears of War Judgement sets the world on fire

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Looks like Geoff called it perfectly last week, when he surmised that the latest Gears game would be a numberless prequel. And boy, was he right.

It looks like the world is burning, as the infamous Emergence Day, the day that shook the world of Gears, erupts in fire and brimstone. The Locust are everywhere, cities crumble beneath their might, and it’s up to a few disgraced COG soldiers to save the day, or at least survive before a certain trilogy kicks into place.

Braid and Cole seem to be the stars of the show, so expect an action-packed game from People can Fly Studios, as they handle the latest instalment of Gears of War. Let the Judgement commence.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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