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E3 2012: Need for Speed returns to Most Wanted

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Need for Speed games are a hit and miss affair lately. One of the hits though, was Most Wanted, a street-smart racing title that had open-worlds and massive races to take part in.

NFS Most Wanted is up on the EA stage, ready to show off the latest product that Criterion has produced. And so far, it looks like the culmination of their Burnout titles, as well as their recent works on Hot Pursuit, all wrapped up in a shiny new visual engine.

Most Wanted looks set to be another open world racer from the developer of fast and furious speeding games. And so far, it looks like a whole lot of vroom, with an arcade style racing bend, fantastic graphics and challenging AI opponents.

Strangely, the signature slow motion mechanic, an iconic staple from the original Most Wanted game, seems to be missing. Burnout fans will be in their element here however, as Criterion has most definitely pushed their talents to that side of equation.

Need for Speed releases on October 30 this year.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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