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PlayStation All-Stars is Vita-compatible

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Sony showed its new, wholly unabashed Smash Bros clone, PlayStation All-Stars. We knew this was coming – so hardly a surprise.

What is more surprising is the fact that the game will feature Vita cross play – meaning you can play against PS3 users while playing on a Vita, and vice-versa.

The game features a variety of characters from different PlayStation games, like Sweet-tooth from Twisted Metal, God of War’s Kratos, Nathan Drake, Fat Princess and Parappa the Rapper (awww yeah!) and more taking each other on in 2D combat. Pretty much exactly like Smash Bros, then. Oh, except it has BioShock’s Big Daddy as a playable character. 

Still, it looks really fun – and I’m in, especially considering the cross play – unless it requires me buying the game twice, of course.

Last Updated: June 5, 2012

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