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E3 2012: Share the metropolitan love with SimCity

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It’s not all just warfare, necromorphs and American football this year for EA. Sim City is making a return, and so far, the quaint little city building simulation looks like a massively fn construction.

And even better, it’s going to follow us online as well.

SimCity Social will be a facebook game that offers some classic gameplay, on a browser of course. Play it any way you like, good, evil or ambivalent, as the quirky visuals look surprisingly lush and active so far.

But the real kicker so far, is the amazing gameplay footage of SimCity. It’s realistic, but not to the point where it resembles a photo, as the buildings carry all manner of details and subtle nuances.

And all the old favourites will be there, from protesting civilians, natural disasters, and of course, rogue Japanese monsters. Even better, is how multiplayer will make its debut in this instalment, with actions performed in your city, affecting friends as well.

Even if you’re not a fan of large scale city building and planning, you have to admit, SimCity looks like a mountain of fun so far, and most likely, the time-sink of the year.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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