E3 2012: The Master Chief returns in the first Halo 4 gameplay footage

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First out of the gates, is the flagship game of the Xbox 360, Halo 4. We’re treated to a short clip, detailing how the massive flagship, the UNSC Infinity, was mysteriously sucked into a wormhole of artificial creation.

The trip has obviously damaged it, as it heads for a crash-landing on an unfamiliar planet surface. Fortuantely, Master Chief is there to investigate. Unfortunately, so is a strange new threat.

Once Chief spots a strange orb heading in the same direction, he sets off and we shift to some proper gameplay footage. And it looks magnificent so far. The textures, details and animations are superb.

The HUD has been slightly updated, allowing for video feeds, but gameplay wise, it’s all pretty similar to previous games. Chief takes on some Covenant forces, zooming in, and blasting away, before a surprise mechanical drone obliterates the rest of them.

Chief is surprised, and almost outgunned by them, and a larger, more competent foot soldier, before swopping his rifle for something with a bit more firepower. At this point Cortana remarks, that the rifle is made from Forerunner technology.

And the action heats up from there. More soldiers fall beneath the welcoming gameplay, before Chief switches visor modes and finds himself outnumbered and outmatched, with the demo ending on that cliffhanger.

It looks like 343 Studios hasn’t reinvented the game with Halo, but they have pushed the game to the bleeding edge of visuals so far. The future looks bright for Master Chief indeed. Or as the mysterious voice over labels him;

“The Reclaimer”.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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