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E3 2012: You have my axe, for the South Park RPG

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South Park is an edgy, gory and intelligent show, using 2D animation to bring forth relevant points into the public spotlight, while mercilessly lampooning anyone that deserves it. So of course, a new South Park game is a must, in our sceptical society today.

So what happens when you combine South Park, comedy and fantasy with an Obsidian developed game? The highlight of the Microsoft press conference, of course.

South park is hitting the RPG scene in this developed game, as the short promo clip showcased a game surrounded in fantasy film references, battle and anti-Semitism. The game looks like it was ripped straight from the TV show, from the iconic character designs, to the more complex animations that have become prevalent over the years.

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker came out afterwards, lampooning the Microsoft push to play games on an Xbox 360, through your smartphone, in your house, while you were stuck in the freezer.

“How many times have you been watching an episode of South Park and thought, ‘I’d like to watch this on my television, while hooked into my mobile device, which is being controlled by my tablet device, which is hooked into my oven, all while sitting in the refrigerator”, said Matt Stone.

“Well, we’re not doing that. We’re just doing this game. It’s an RPG.”

A welcome reprieve from the otherwise unexciting press conference, Stone and Parker lifted spirits briefly, and all without the need to read cue cards. If anything, their earnest approach gas made South Park: The Stick of Truth a compelling purchase.

Last Updated: June 4, 2012

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