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Eidos "Truly Sorry" For Human Revolution's awful bosses

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I loved the heck out of last year’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It might not have quite lived up to Warren Spector’s original but I certainly felt it captured the spirit of the game incredibly well. The game’s biggest problem, according to some of the best and most respected video game journalists, is its out-of-place boss fights – something Eidos Montreal has apologised for.

They’ve apologised a second time.

“They were a big part of the game, and we should have put more effort into them,” laments game director Francois Lapikas. “I’m truly sorry about that. Next time we’re gonna think about it more,” he said at GDC, reports GameInformer.

Lapikas explained that the boss fights – outsourced to another company -  weren’t developed with detailed direction sheets, as the rest of the game was – and that they were intended as a change of pace.

“We saw them as a thing to break up the pacing more than a way to test the player’s skill,” he admitted, saying they thought the weapons and ammo scattered throughout the rooms boss fights were in would makeup for players’ build inadequacies.

“Play tests did flag the boss fights as a problem, but they didn’t flag the severity of it.”

So Eidos knew that the boss fights were broken, but went ahead with them anyway? Aww, it’s ok. I forgive you, this time – just make another Deus Ex, and make it better this time.

Last Updated: March 8, 2012

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