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Elite vs Delta Day 3

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Today we enter humpday in regards to the saga that has been raging on the site since I first posted about the cheating allegation made in the Maingaming league and then followed up yesterday with Maingaming’s fumbled attempt at fixing the issue.

Yesterday most of my day was spent in communication with Delta, Elite and Maingaming and while some wild accusations about defamation and the possibility of a lawsuit against myself and Lazygamer have now been dropped we haven’t really progressed much further.

As it stands Elite have provided me with a statement proclaiming their innocence and some screen shots proving that one of the accusers has partially retracted his statement. He now states that he didn’t actually get told they were going to throw the game but just felt something was wrong.

Delta have also retracted their statement that Elite asked them to forfeit the game, my communication with them is ongoing but at the moment they are also blaming a mis-communication for their initial statement.

I spoke to Maingaming yesterday and was told that a conference call was going to be taking place last night with all the parties involved and a new decision would be announced on Friday.

All in all it looks really bad but I can say from my side every party involved appears to be doing their utmost to get the truth out there and the evidence does appear to be completely inconclusive.

I doubt we are ever going to get to the full truth here and as such Maingaming are going to have to rule on circumstantial evidence and ensure that they impose their authority on the league.

If I was asked what the punishment should be after seeing all the evidence I’d rule as follows

  1. Robdutchmonkey (and all other competitors) to be stopped from helping Maingaming while still being an active competitor
    1. This does not imply that he cheated but rather that it is a massive conflict of interest that should never have existed.
    2. No competitor should be able to log results
  2. Elite and Delta to each receive no points for the game that was played as there are different reports on whether it was a valid game or not
    1. The game cannot be replayed
  3. Each team to be docked 10% of their current points for bringing the league into disrepute
    1. This is based on the unprofessional way that this match was played and especially regarding the poor quality of information passed back to Maingaming
  4. Delta’s retraction should be posted publicly and Elite should publicly apologise for allowing a game to proceed with an ineligible player. Both sides are at fault in this regard.

On the side of Maingaming they should enforce that every game has a neutral referee and only that referee can log scores. They should also insist that the captain from each side visually record the end results and provide that proof to Maingaming with 48 hours.

Failure on any point results in an immediate forfeit.

But then again as I said to everyone yesterday, I have no dog in this fight. I don’t care who wins and who gets punished I just want to see the eSports scene in South Africa grow and the only way that can happen is if it can be trusted.

I will post the final decision from Maingaming as soon as I receive it and you’re never going to believe this but we received a new tip off yesterday about an incident regarding the top ranked PC MW3 Clan in the country using exploits in the DoGaming League.

We are currently requesting more information around that but that example is even more blatant than this one which is very disappointing indeed.

Last Updated: August 23, 2012

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